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  1. I just picked up an SE/30 and it came with a mystery expansion card . . . it is marked with MoDAM SE030 Rev C 1989 Memory Plus, and has a DB 9 port. Anyone have an idea what this thing might be? Is it useful? Does it need drivers? Unfortunately, the SE/30 has a dead hard drive, so there are no clues there as to what it may be. Thanks!
  2. I haven't seen a working Classic II in the $30-50 range in Canada (Ontario) in quite a while . . . I've been looking, but everyone seems to want at least CAD$100, even on Kijiji and Craigslist, never mind ebay prices. About 10 years ago I would often see working compact Macs for $30-50, but those days seem to be gone. Maybe if you luck out in a garage sale, but it seems as if neighbourhood recycling drives have cleaned up a lot of old computer equipment (which is where a large part of my electronics horde went a couple years back). The Ottawa computer recycling place had insane prices for us
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