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  1. I am giving my Newton MP 2100 to a friend and I want to remove any and all personal data on it beforehand. Is there an easy way to reset it back to factory settings/data. I do not have a connection cable for it, only the unit itself and a memory expansion card. Ideas?
  2. No problem. Probably will be clearing more stuff out this summer. The 6500 I had did have the multicolored fan, however the dirt on it reminded me more of grease, oil, or metal dust. It was all black and the dirt inside was black and oily. That's why I thought it was from an industrial site or perhaps a school metal shop. Maybe not.
  3. The 6500 originally came from Temetka, but it was so stained (must have been in an industrial setting at one time) that I decided to paint it. After getting it that far, I kinda wish I had gone all satin black. Hope you get some good use out of the stuff. I can send you the hard drives from those machines once I get some time to wipe them (working 16 hour days sucks ballz!) Oh, and I didn't think that I had thrown a cat in there...
  4. No problemo!! Hope you can find a good use for the stuff!
  5. My 12/640 PS only had 6200 pages on it when I picked it up off ebay a few years back. Came with the 500 sheet cassette and duplexer. Nice find though, and you can't beat the price. I have a 4/600 and its a dang nice printer.
  6. You could try clear nail polish. Its supposed to work wonders for scratched faces on watches.
  7. I believe I ended up googling the issue and then downloading a small installer someone put together with the files needed from Win 2k. I didn't have a Win 2k installation running when I wanted to get it going again, so I did it that way. Here's what Google comes up with: Hard way: http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=20020905053943589 and this tells you how to copy the Appletalk files: http://www.abxzone.com/forums/f47/appletalk-windows-xp-34589.html I can't find the place where I got the installer anymore. It was a sort of hacked together job that barely
  8. That's what mine is called, "Workhorse". I got mine off ebay a few years back with the duplexer and extra 500 sheet paper tray. It had only printed 7000 pages too. They are damn nice. I got mine working with XP by copying the Appletalk files over from Win 2k, and I use it under Tiger natively as well.
  9. Orion

    New Glasses!!!

    Polarized lenses make everything brighter, in my experience, yet its easier on the eyes than the non-polarized light. I love them. You normally get them as sun glasses though. I had them as magnetic "clip-ons" for my glasses back when I still wore them (I broke them in the shop one day and haven't bothered to replace them).
  10. Dude! You got an Imagebanger II! Welcome to the club. I've got 4 of them sitting in the closet.
  11. I just fired up mine that I got off a forum member here and its display is nice and straight. I've never see the problem you speak of. Perhaps its just a problem with one version of the eMac? BTW, mine is the USB 2.0 version with the 1.25ghz processor.
  12. Appletalk can connect through the ethernet port along with the TCP/IP control panel. I have all my old machines set up that way with absolutely no problems.
  13. Can't really say, but I do have a pile of them over there -----> in the corner. I'd have to say the cards I got from a friend that are for hooking up laboratory equipment to the computer. I don't remember what they are called anymore.
  14. I do have them as matched pairs. The only one not matched is the 8mb chip. I could get more ram for it, but the few times I use it makes it really not worth the money for me.
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