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  1. the SE/30 is picky about RAM and where you put it. If its known good RAM that works in other SE/30s, chances are you have a broken trace to the RAM slots from one of the chips, or the 74F258 muxes are bad and need replaced.
  2. this would be a first for me. Ive never in my life see a diode go open unless you can see it physically. They typically short.
  3. Mine came in today! Sadly, the certificate of authenticity did not make it. So its just an unknown board. But it sure is pretty!
  4. Curious what mine is. Still waiting on USPS. Someone call my nurse at the senior living home when it arrives! /s Seriously though, i think it finally cleared customs and is moving again. wheeeee
  5. Oh wow! I didnt even see this. I have 2 or 3 Duo boards that i threw in my junk pile for this reason. they dont spin up the HDD either.
  6. Nice! I like that. I checked my tracking and there has been zero movement so i dont know where it is. But I am sure itll get here someday.
  7. Yeah. Mine gets sore though if i am staring down at a bench working on electronics with my head slumped over. Otherwise its fine. But, everyones physiology is different. I have a short neck.
  8. Yeah everyone is different here I suppose. for me, the way a compact is, is perfect. But everyone is different. It is a neat concept though.
  9. I will take a look in my junk pile and see what i have. I honestly dont remember if I have any junk classic boards. I dont have any machines. but maybe some boards.
  10. that 2630 is definitely fried. its really hard to say what caused it to fry. Maybe something plugged into the serial port got hit by lightning, like a modem.
  11. Ahh ok. so this is an entirely different animal. Dang... I need to figure out the actual Sony chassis thats in the 21" B&W version so i can cross a flyback.
  12. the conners are known for having rubber issues. the quantum could be anything.
  13. What monitor is this? is this the Sony trinitron 21" version? or? I have one that someone brought me a couple years back to repair, and it too needs a flyback. Goes into overcurrent shutdown for anything greater than 640x480 resolution.
  14. the CRTs are bolted to the metal frame on the 5XXX machines.
  15. yeah i was wanting to run a Plus as an FDHD with a ROM patch and a SWIM, but those DIP chips dried up in supply.
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