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  1. Yeah, but not far enough. This just takes more power than the feeble old portable can give. I think you would be far better off with an FPGA-based project, or use one of those Amiga soft-core type CPUs like the raspberry pi which emulates a 68K.
  2. Same process i use, except... bake dry with a disposable toaster oven. Works wonders.
  3. My Go-To in those days were Metal of Honor Allied Assault, and Spearhead. i was on that game alot as a teenager, clans, matches etc.... Super popular until CoD came along, and then Gamespy died out taking the server list with it. Someone patched the game, but its all european servers now. so high pings over here.
  4. Thought the motor on those were brushless DC and had a servo drive. but i dont remember.
  5. Thats a game i havent heard of in a long time. I havent played CS since about 2005 or so.
  6. Messing with the laser trim pot didnt kill the motor. It killed the laser. Youll need a new optical pickup. Been there done that many times. I dont mess with the laser adjustment anymore, I go after everything else first. Leaking caps will mess with the servo and its ability to read information. I had to redo both this drive, AND a caddy load drive. the Caddy drive was much worse.
  7. I have this drive, and so far it still works fine mechanically, same mechanism as this one too. However the caps had begun to leak so i had to change all those on both the logic/servo board, and power supply especially.
  8. It used to not be here.... Not entirely sure what happened to start seeing that kind of behavior over in this community. But, people suck so it is what it is sometimes.
  9. Recapping isnt going to fix that problem I dont think. Thats typically the result of 1 of two causes. A) the vertical output IC is failed or its supporting componentry. Or, B) the Jungle IC that generates your scan signals has failed.
  10. ive never repaired an HDD controller that i know of. so swap-n-go from a junk drive Or a Conner drive from an SE or something. used the regular 50 pin pinout, but it has the same controller.
  11. Just swap the yokes, leave the yokes wtih the associated analog board.
  12. its hard to keep these little 9" trinitrons converged. and its a pain in the ass to do it. you also need plastic adjustment tools. First thing is to adjust the H-STAT on the rear of the CRT Neck PCB, it will change the horizontal static convergence to bring it inline. Then, the corners have to be adjusted via the slugs that are on the yoke. You must do this with a crosshatch style pattern/image up on the screen, and use plastic adjustment tools.
  13. Check the fuse next to the molex. Also check for breaks in and around the vias/traces near the lower left corner of the board. Because with your pictures, I am seeing issues in that area. the U1M/RP201 area. C26 will cause all kinds of strange issues if any of the traces/vias are broken to and from that capacitor. if the op-amp is reporting the wrong information to the PMGR ADC your gonna get problems.
  14. I fixed a gunked up conner. Key is to do it BEFORE you spin it up and destroy the platter/heads.
  15. Any time i recap an SMPS circuit or anything with high frequencies, i automatically order low impedence/ESR capacitors, its just habit for me. So this is something i never thought of during the event of NOT having the right caps.
  16. that reminds me, I have one of those big Sony trinitron (B&W G3) style monitors here that someone brought to me while back. It has a bad flyback as well. it draws too much current in higher resolutions which trigger an x-ray protect shutdown. Only getting worse.
  17. Yeah, it can be. it was even worse in the vacuum-tube type TV era. those flybacks were all specific, and they were all more intimately tuned with the horizontal output than they are "today". The horizontal output pulse only affected from center-right of the CRT. The flyback collapse/response affected center-left. Thats why this is important. Newer/more expensive designs. (like Philips RPTVs from the late aughts) had HVGs instead of Flybacks, which they were very similar but they were a self contained unit that was self-oscillating at its own frequency and was in no-way tied to the
  18. The flyback transformer is a critical component in the circuit. you cant just substitute it either. it requires intimate knowledge of the circuit design that only the engineer knows, or a damn good reverse-engineer. Why? because the flyback not only produces a high voltage, it also produces all the secondary scan voltages for the other circuits in the set. Vertical Sweep, B+ Boost, etc.... Including focus/screen. Also, its part of a tuned-circuit with the horizontal output stage, and all the other support components are selected around that tuning. And if that weren't enough, diff
  19. These monitors I think are Mitsubishi based. they share the flyback with the LC Toppers.
  20. Love the concept. I knew that a IIgs monitor was just an RGB monitor at heart. But..... its posts like these that create a huge run of demand on things like that. Now if those IIgs monitors were hard to be found before, now they will be even harder to find and price will jump. haha. Oh well.
  21. Recopying them on the Q700 still caused issues. I had to move the drive and cables back over to my IIsi and LC2. Then it worked. 7.5.3 Buggy in what ways? I dont have a list.
  22. I dont recall what version of HDT it is. And yes, its a terminating adapter. I forget where I bought them, but they have a transistor or two and a bunch of resistors on the PCB. Like I said, it works fine in my LCII and my IIsi. its only the Q700 giving me beef. System 7.5.3
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