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  1. Hello, I've recently started noticing the 'sleep of death' phenomenon on my Pismo, which unfortunately totally wrecked the filesystem too on my SD2IDE adapter too. So I thought it's a good idea to install Firmware Update 4.1.8. The readme warned that it can only be installed on 9.1 and above, but I didn't think there would be any problems on any version of OS 9. However, the machine still doesn't wake from sleep, but now I've lost brightness control on 9.0.4. I need pre-9.1 OS for compatibility reasons. Does anyone know of any way to downgrade the firmware back to the o
  2. i see no reason why it shouldn't.. aside from the wifi antenna and the text on the bottom of the bezel it's supposed to have an identical screen. more seasoned folks should correct me if i'm wrong.. : )
  3. hello again, so they ended up sending me a toshiba LTD141ECEF instead of the CM N141X201 but they said it will be compatible in every aspect with the one it replaces, and indeed it is. my pismo now has a beautiful NOS display that is slightly better than even the original one in some regards. thanks again for your help, and i hope this thread helps somone in the future.
  4. thank you for your detailed reply : ) based on the Panelook link you provided, i found this which should be compatible, is NOS, and comes from the UK. for an added bonus, it should even be a bit brighter.
  5. Hello, I recently got a Pismo for essentially the cost of shipping, and it's in really nice condition, but the screen looks like the polariser separated from the other layers and cracked or got folded/bent - my guess is that it's been stored for years in an environment where the air changes from damp to dry regularly. Point is, the LCD probably needs to be replaced. Does anyone know if there's a panel readily available that would fit in the place of the old one? Or a supplier with NOS panels? There are some complete display assemblies floating around on eBay but i reall
  6. well that's the first one i tried, seemed the most logical, 640x480 60hz is the most basic VGA resolution.. but no, black screen. holding down 'e' seems to delay boot time before the 'happy mac' screen even further - it is already a bit long since i installed the card, i guess it's scanning for a supported monitor. but no, that didn't help. i was really happy when i got this card that it can do 1024x768x256 but something is probably wrong with it. thanks, i did.. but to no avail. btw the original cable was happily doing 640x480 67hz from the builtin
  7. I am using a standard VGA cable with the adapter, as my old cable wouldn't even fit (that already has DB15 on the one end). And yes, the first one I tried was 3 and 4, with all the variations of DIP switch settings. Still just a black screen. : (
  8. Hello, So as part of a project to upgrade my IIci, I picked up one of these cards from eBay. Until now I have been using a strange but useful cable that has a DB15 plug on one end and a standard VGA on the other. The built-in graphics worked just fine with my 19" Samsung flat screen monitor. For the record, the monitor works like a charm even with weirdo machines like my SGi Octane 2, it only needs a 13W3 adaptor. Long story short, no matter how I set the rotary dial on the Futura card, the monitor only displayed a misaligned glowing black image. So I got myself one of
  9. well we're determined that my PSU is not at fault, i've re-capped the board and now everything is fine. but thanks anyway, this might prove useful down the line. : )
  10. hello again, so i bit the bullet and ordered a USB-C iron from banggood and all the accessories, and i'm proud to say my first soldering job was a success - it's ALIIIVE! the SMD capacitors were a bit hard to replace but i managed to do a fairly nice job in the end. : ) thank you guys for all the helpful links and encouragement. a bit off-topic, but searching ebay and the trading post here for an accelerator card (i'm looking for a micromac carrera040 in particular) didn't yield any results. anyone know where i could find one?
  11. cheers for the suggestion, first i'll try a different PSU, if that doesn't fix it i'll take the PSU and logic board to my mate, and if all else fails i'll contact your guy. shipping to the US and back is definitely not cheap.
  12. thanks for the reply. sadly, i'm not that good with a soldering iron, so i'll probably get a new (well 'different' to be exact) PSU, but this confirms my suspicions. if this doesn't fix it and i do need to recap the logic board too, i'll try to ask a friend with more experience. as for the floppy, after the second disassembly, it should work fine. one more question: is there a modern PSU out there that can be modded to fit the connection on the motherboard? seems like a better alternative to me than keeping alive the old one, but might be totally unrealistic..
  13. hello everyone, it's been a while. but to my point: i recently received a iici from an seller in my country that was described as 'macintosh for sale working plays music on power up'. i immediately thought that at least it's doing something, and if the chime is the happy mac one, i'm all set. so i dug around for a cable and some ADB peripherals and indeed, it was asking for a floppy. the SCSI HDD is probably long dead anyway. so i proceeded to disassemble it, do some cleaning before trying some disks. after that i `dd`-d the network install image to a floppy and tried t
  14. wow, thank you. you sure beat me at finding nice ebay auctions. sadly, most of them only ship to the us, but i'll arrange something. i'll go along with your suggestion, too, i'm not getting rid of the duo. it's been with me for 10 years now, after all. however, i'll post a new thread about the ideas i have for replacing the hdd with something more silent and effective.. the old 500 meg ibm drive is throwing bad sectors at me like crazy.
  15. thank you. i'm determined to making this machine working again. it still runs tiger (the best release mac os x so far in my opinion) quite nicely, and it'll be the perfect laptop for my mother. anyway, i'll make a post about the duo then. i love it, but it's almost useless without a duo dock, which is really hard to come by. i've been trying to get my hands on one for years now. the only complete one i've found is expensive as hell. ethernet duo docks require drivers. feel the irony.
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