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  1. Paperclip kept bending. It's like the logo is fused to the plastic. I've never had this much trouble getting one of these things off. I'm starting to wonder if maybe it popped out at some point and the previous owner epoxied it back in.
  2. Steve's passing has inspired me to pick up my resto /mod / now memorial project that I began years ago on my Classic. The case is in awful shape and needs *filler and paint. I tried removing the rainbow badge on the front by forcing it out via the hole in the back of the case, but it wouldn't pop out, and with any more force, I fear I might break it. I attempted to loosen the glue by heating it gently, but that didn't seem to help either. Any tips for extracting the logo without damaging anything? *this abuse is not my fault, I received it in this condition. D:
  3. I did a search, but I couldn't really find the information I needed. I don't really know a lot about video cards... bear with me. I have a Sapphire Radeon 9600 Pro Atlantis card with 256MB DDR + 4x/8x agp for a PC. Is it possible to flash this card for use in my MDD FW800 G4? Right now I am running a GeForce Ti4600 / 128mb. System specs: MDD FW800 G4 Dual 1.42gHz 2GB ram 10.4.11
  4. aphetica

    A Cold.

    Maybe the cold should register a screen name.
  5. Haha, someone from this forum plus half of the internet. Really though. Post pics. I want to see this terrible beast.
  6. Wow... thanks. That was quick. I assume if I want to add a second PIII, I need to add a second VRM?
  7. Last week while I was taking out the trash, I found a beige box with a 1.7ghz AthlonXP and a 40gb drive in the dumpster. It had a fresh install of XP on it, and it's pretty quick. Faster than my old (main) PC, which was a measly 450mhz P3. Later that day, I got a call from my dad who has been working at a waterpark, supervising construction... apparently their offices decided to upgrade and toss out a whole bunch of stuff that was in storage. Today he arrived at my apartment with 13 more PCs. There are 4 older models, I think Pentium 1 or 486. They have ISA slots. 6 of the machine
  8. I LMAO'd at that pic. That thing looks like it's about as thick as a baseball bat.
  9. I believe most of those rely on airbag suspension, with which you can alter the ride height quickly with the push of a button.
  10. If I had a classic beetle, I would want to fix it up lowrider "bomb" style. Like this. ...except the beetle version of that. With the panels over the rear wheel wells (I don't know what they're called)... and the visor and whatnot. But classy, not cheesy or anything. Oomg that would be rad. ]'>
  11. aphetica


    wat. @ bunsen Also, I think it's hilarious that he talked the guy down from $5.
  12. You're all wrong, it's the 68,000 Mastodons that live in the center of the Earth.
  13. I don't know what it is, but I see something in an original rainbow apple-branded box on the pallet behind it.
  14. That's really cool. I tend to hoard old audio equipment also. I forgot to mention that along with the fan, I got a 1930's table-top tube radio/record player. That's still in NY though, and needs a bit of restoration. Have you tried maybe fabricating an appropriate battery for the Db meter like people sometimes do with old Powerbooks?
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