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  1. What is the number on the side of the drive? For example, mine Sony Model OA-D32V-01. The number is 100535, which I assume means it was the 535th one made.
  2. I'm trying to repair my Macintosh 128K. I'm getting the error code 04feff. I read that this code can be used to figure out what RAM chip is faulty. Unfortunately, after looking at the discription, I can't figure it out. Can someone tell me what RAM chip this code points too?
  3. Well unfortunately, the cut was right next to the connector. I tried to remove the connector to fix the cut, but the connector broke in the process. I was hoping someone could clue me into how to replace it.
  4. Hello, I was trying to fish the 26 pin header through the back of my Lisa, so that I could connect an Apple Lisa 2/10(XL) External Widget Port Adapter. Unfortunately, I cut the cable close to the header on some of the metal. I want to replace the connector with a new one, so that it is placed after the cut cable. Although, I don't know how to determine which pin is number one when I replace the header. Can you guys give me some advice how to replace the header. I also borrowed one of the forum members photo for this question. Hopefully, that is not a problem.
  5. I purchased the RAM rsolberg suggested and it works fine. Just wanted to let everyone know.
  6. Thank you all for your help! You answered my question and then some. I will try and buy those from that link. Hopefully, they will work.
  7. Rick, is there any common RAM, for example, something I could easily purchase on eBay that would work. I'm having a very hard time finding any 128k RAM with 9 chips. Thank you for your help.
  8. Well, my expansion card was not fully populated like the one in the photo. It was missing two sticks of RAM. So, I could still have another RAM card installed. But, I tried it alone too. Everytime, the Apple Lisa would fail its RAM test. If anyone knows what RAM I need to install that would be great.
  9. Hello, I have a Sun Remarketing 2mb expansion card for my Apple Lisa 2/10. It has been giving me a ram error. I removed the currently installed RAM. I just need to know what RAM should I replace it with. It looks like it just has 8 slots for 256k of RAM for a total of 2mb. Will any 256k RAM work?
  10. Wow, thank you for this information. If I can't get this hard drive to work, can I use a scsi card? or something else?
  11. Hello, I tried to use the installation one last time. it shows my HD and it tries to format the drive. First it says installing MacWorks on HD. The last part says making HSF file system on device. Then it says error occured during the installation. Is there anything else that I can do? Obviously the disk works to some extent. Is there another way that I can get this ready for my Macintosh XL to use the hard drive?
  12. lol well that does not sound good at all. I have a compaq portable from 83 that might use the same hard drive. I know the hard drive spins. I can hear it and see its light blinking. It is just not being detected by the computer. If I can't get that hard drive to work, what other options do I have?
  13. The Sun Remarketing Macworks Plus install disk does give you the option to reformat the drive. Unfortunately, it will not detect my hard drive. So, either the controller is bad or the hard drive. I don't know how to get it to detect the hard drive. I have another MFM hard drive. but it will not detect that also. I don't know if that one works either. I also don't know if they have to be formatted in a certain way before the system will detect them. If I get another known working MFM hard drive will the controller detect it without anything special being done to it? The hard drive that is i
  14. Yes, well its worth a shot to clean and see if I can get it to work. Yes, I looked it up and it has a MFM hardrive. There actually pretty reasonably priced online. So, I'm sure I can find one under $50. I'm actually pretty happy I have one of the last versions of Macintosh XL. I can get replacement 800k drives forever, and MFM hardrives are pretty reasonable also. Also, this thing is better equiped then my Macintosh 128k. I think this is a good platform to start before I get another earlier version of an Apple Lisa. Heck, maybe I can even get it on the internet. ha ha. Thanks for your help!!
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