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  1. try to convert the .img to . DSK https://www.bigmessowires.com/2013/12/16/macintosh-diskcopy-4-2-floppy-image-converter/
  2. You can't open System files before System 7. System 7 introduced system suitcase, before that you had to use Font/DA mover and Localizator to change system files. Just boot with the image as JDW wrote above.
  3. Try Keyboard control panel. Anyway what OS 8.1 do you have, international, us, british, other countries...
  4. You can't mount disc images with disk copy 4.2. And you can't mount MFS disks in Mac OS 9. You can expand sit files in Mac OS 9 and then transfer .img files to Classic. And then make a floppy from disk image.
  5. So @smileymacface, @JDW here it is.. Wastebasket :) Mac_System_British.img.sit BTW, Localizer 3.2 does not effect System lower than 5.0
  6. Well I have German and British System disk but unfortently the British one is corrupt so I’ll try to do some hacking to save system files..
  7. Did you try Localizer? https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/localizer-system-6-or-7
  8. Tha caps on AV card needs to be replaced, the video started to show gosthing like on LCD panels.
  9. Thanks for replay. Yes I have left parity open and turned connectors 180 degrees now it works
  10. Any reason why is AV card almost twice slower than none AV card? Tested both cards in mine 7100 with 256k cache. The AV card has buil-in 2 MB vram and the none AV is also 1 MB upgraded with four 256k sims to 2 MB. Could be because of caps that need to be replaced or is it normal to be slower? HPV AV card HPV card
  11. Can any help me configure generic scsi enclosure to match cd rom settings? I tried many combinations but can not match the scsi switch on ext enclosure and cd to have same ID?
  12. I have some original recover legacy cds too. But I think it is problem with .smi mounting. The legacy cd is made to be boot with it and then install. But the system on is 7.6 which is incompatible with SE and SE/30 and to mount .smi you need Disc Copy and disc copy need system 7.0.1... try to boot SE/30 with system 7.0.1 and drop the .smi images directly on disc copy app thats on cd.
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