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  1. I hope I am not too late (he says one year later) … drivers https://web.archive.org/web/20140209171207/http://www.macdrivermuseum.net/video.shtml
  2. God almighty! This has to be one of the most significant Macintosh related projects I have ever seen.
  3. Someone here mentioned an Asante AppleTalk Ethernet bridge. Search "localtalk ethernet bridge" on YouTube for a few more videos or google the same.
  4. If you have other compatible AppleShare capable Macs computers then AppleShare alone should be enough. The reason I prefer to install an FTP server is that it allows *any* client to connect, all the way up to the latest Mac/PC/Linux OSs etc because FTP clients allow for a vanilla FTP connection without SSH/SSL. So having an old Mac assume the role of an FTP server allows anyone to connect to it. Of course you wouldn't need or want to port forward because I am mentioning this from the perspective of the LAN. Connecting to the server would require only the local IP address the Mac is serving fro
  5. If you have the network issue resolved (sorry I only skimmed this thread). Install and run an FTP server on the Q800 — you can then move any files back and forth from any Mac/PC or whatever.
  6. Hello I will list off random things you can try, none of these suggestions are in a particular order so I suggest you read them first and decide which is the least disruptive. So things like resetting PRAM or NVRAM are quick. Ping can be quick as well to check for time outs etc. *** Is the download speed drop isolated to the SE or do other computers downloading from FTP also suffer a similar fate? Since this began to occur have you changed any of the files or added any new extensions etc to the SE System Folder? Is the SE provided a s
  7. Look for any debris that might be contributing to a short somewhere. Check all the solder joints that you've reworked or had to solder in. Check if no solder might have splattered where it shouldn't have but yes, double check your work.
  8. Thank you for sharing this and for the reply. The machine looks marvelous. Good job!
  9. Good grief! One never knows the gems that come out of these conversations. Thank you 360alaska! Downloading your share and I will add those missing schematics to my share incase.
  10. Here are bunch of schematics, none of them unique. BOMARC included. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VnDnfgf92viDq2Tl_wLvxx8I7tTjl89K?usp=sharing
  11. How did you end up adjusting the hinges to loosen the grip. This is what I understand you did.
  12. Not yet but I did ordered SuperLube 51010. Because I have so many other things on the go the package of Superlube remains unopened. I think about the project a few times a week so I know I have to get to it. I am privy to this post and once I get back to it I will absolutely update the progress here. It won't be soon but it will happen.
  13. What happens if you put back the original drive?
  14. How does the CRT perform pre and post recap?
  15. Everything you need is on the macintoshgarden with the added bonus of no pay wall nor login crews ever being necessary. Glad you sorted your issue.
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