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  1. The original housing now has four extra holes and the ATX PSU was successfully installed last Sunday. I ended up using the largest standoffs (I still need to make sure they’re not shorting against anything) and some nuts on the logicboard side. Tapping the holes won’t work here as the metal sheet is too thin (plus standoffs always have a collar). So the holes have to be 3mm wide (i.e. M3 not M2.5) to install the Bicker BEA-630. If you’re using a different PSU, YMMV. Rough measurements for the space constraints: NB: The original standoffs
  2. The drill bits arrived today and the standoffs are still in the post. I'll do the drilling and the installation this week-end. I will only be shipping boards with a few hard to find (or specific) components (live wire connector, µ-controller...). The rest will have to be bought separately (e.g. on Arrow) using the BOM I'm still concocting. It will be mounted vertically, on the wall closest to the logicboard.
  3. I DIDN'T KNOW THOSE EXISTED. It will make refilling/bleeding MUCH easier! I wasn't able to repair mine (I think there's too much air in the system), plus the radiator appears to be leaking. Any idea how/where to find a suitable replacement?
  4. Great to hear and what a setup! I've had to modify the AC board and I'm letting it dry at the moment. I forgot to remove the middle plated hole for the monitor plug and this voids my clearance goal (a short could have happened with board degradation/age). So I removed it the hard way (ie with my iron set way too high and by poking around the pad). Once the header is installed, you can't see anything so another run isn't really needed. I did update the files and I'm confident enough to put them "out there". -> https://github.com/L-Delorme/QuadrATX
  5. @Toni_ It took me a while to test it (my Quadra being dead and all) but I can report that it works 100% correctly on my Q950 running 8.1. Vette! is my favorite game. Thanks for fixing this bug! Now if only it would run at double the resolution... Also do you think there'd be a way to fix the bisected singer in the intro? https://youtu.be/NtDgTz2peXw?t=74 Kuranov probably used an emulator but this bug also occurs on real hardware.
  6. @Byrd It triggers the round robin algorithm on Supermac video cards. Without one it won't do anything of course... Some context (from the QuadrATX thread where OVa first posted about his issue): @OVa That Supermac monitor should work with the 900's built in video... Clear the PRAM first and connect it to the Quadra. First generation (1998-2004) 4:3 LCD monitors that only have a VGA input (no DVI) usually work better with older hardware. Here's a picture of mine. Edit: Apparently resizing existing attachment does not work...
  7. Hi @OVa, Your PSU is fine. The Spectrum/8 has a "round robin" type of synchronisation sequence (it cycles through all possible modes when it forgets its config). 1/ Turn on the Quadra and hold the Option key on your keyboard until you start to see things (even gibberish) on the display. 2/ Have a finger on the spacebar ready 3/ As soon as something "good" appears on the display (in other words as soon as the monitor syncs to it, greyscale and overblown blacks with bad centering is ok), hit the spacebar. It should stay in that mode and stop rolling. When you z
  8. I am on the other hand looking for a Fremont-made '91 Superdrive (we only got FDHDs here). And FYI, my Q950 was made in Cork.
  9. Once I'm 100% done with the QuadrATX, I'll start working on an adapter for the Q900/950 with MIDI out.
  10. @Garrett European Compact Macs up to (and including? Probably not...) the Beige Plus were imported from the US. All subsequent models were made in Europe up to the Classic I/II (about 50% of them were made in Singapore, the rest in Cork).
  11. My turn COMPACTS 128k (1x) 512k (1x Hyperdrive). Missing the 512ke ED Plus (2x: 1x Platinum + 1x Plus ED). Missing a Beige one. SE (4x: 1x Dual Floppy, 1x FDHD, 1x 1/20 and 1x 1/40). Missing the original M5011 and a Superdrive. SE/30 (1x, I do have another one but it became a bench and a logic board donor) Classic (1x) Classic II (2x: 1x Classic II, 1x Performa 200) Color Classic (1x) iMac (1x G3, 1xG4) DESKTOPS LCII (1x) Q950 (1x) PM G5 (1x Quad: not really saved, currently on life support. May succumb to it
  12. It only took a year [sarcasm], but the DOS card is finally alive!
  13. On the menu today: Endurance tests with PDS/Nubus cards. I don't have that many (1x Supermac PDQ, 1x Ethernet and 1x Houdini II DOS Compatibility PDS card, currently testing the latter). Apparently PC Setup 1.0.3 works fine under 8.1... It shouldn't but it clearly does. I've never been able to load the control panel let alone start the PC using 1.5.4/2.1.7. It's slow as hell (according to my calculations, preparing that 2GB drive file should take about 76 minutes...) but it's working! Edit: It took one hour and 28 minutes. My estimation wasn't that bad
  14. Great work. Just my 2cts: - I personally wouldn't replace the Nano with an stm32. The board will only be marginally smaller (that 50 pin header is huge!), and this would make updating the code a lot trickier (that's kinda why I went with a PDIP ATtiny in a socket for the QuadrATX, but I still need a "programmer", which most people don't have). If you turn the Arduino around (or install it on a strip/header), updating will be a breeze. Since there can't be that many hardware improvements (once you've added an LED, some termination blocks and possibly a floppy power connector, t
  15. Sorry for the lack of updates, I've had stuff to do at work and my 950's system folder got corrupted. I only now realized that I had a spare HD with 7.6 on hand... So I was able to re-bless my 8.1 Folder using 7.6. I'm currently imaging that hard drive. It has some pretty rare programs and extensions. This also gives me the opportunity to test the QuadrATX. So far, everything works, the system is stable. I'd like to test some Nubus/PDS cards but for that I need a working FDD (I have a second Floppy EMU on the way as my original one is in a different country). Also
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