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  1. I wish this was the case, but this is not true for me in the least. I can clone it, but it will not boot from it. There are posts on Apple's discussion boards that show many people have had issues with SATA III drives that are not seen or bootable using the on-board bus of the G5, and it's less of a headache to get a SATA I or II drive, or even another separate controller. I tried a clean install, and it installs the OS, then on reboot - nothing.
  2. I bought a couple of SSD's on sale over the holidays and thought that using one of them to replace the 160GB drive in my June 2004 G5 might be fun. Both of the SSD's I chose are easily seen and managed by disk utility, but neither will boot after using CCC to clone them. In researching this, it appears that the SATA III spec is not as backwards compatible as it claims, and that the G5 cannot reliably boot off of a SATA III drive, spinning platter or SSD. So I'm wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a SATA I or II drive that they've had luck using as a boot drive in the earl
  3. I just got a replacement power supply for my 30 inch Cinema HD display (They're finally down to reasonable prices on eBay if anyone is looking for one) but I didn't realize my only G5 doesn't have a Dual Link DVI card, so it can't drive the display at the native resolution. Does anyone know of a decently-priced AGP (It's a June 2004 G5) Dual Link DVI card for this display? There are Dual Link DVI versions of popular cards out there (and many listings for cheaper non-Dual Link DVI version), but finding a Mac-compatible one has proven to be a challenge.
  4. I believe that this a pre-1990-ish model, as it does not have an alphanumeric serial number, but I don't know a lot about ImageWriter serial decoding.
  5. Now that you guys mention it, yep, definitely @haplain's W.A.L.T. - the 1.01a handwriting matches. Glad to see that they were able to get the hard drive up and running! Hap, you gotta get a copy of that HD made before it croaks permanently!
  6. http://sonnydickson.com/2019/04/09/video-of-apples-w-a-l-t-in-action-the-1993-edition-iphone/ I don't know if anyone else saw this, but I thought I'd post it here since it's technically a 68K Powerbook (side note: We should probably have a forum dedicated to discussion of unreleased &prototype devices and software). Pretty neat to see it in action. I posted on the YouTube video that they need to get on the Macintosh Repository and Macintosh Garden forums, so we can get the software off of it.
  7. In the back pages of MacAddict circa 2000-2001, you could still buy brand new LC 5xx and PowerMac 5xxx machines from third party sellers for less than their shipping costs.
  8. Once a Lithium Ion battery has deep discharged, it's pretty much done for. Why not just send it to Batteryrefill.com for a refurbishment? http://www.batteryrefill.com/laptops/apple/
  9. Charadis just sold the 550c on eBay last weekend. It went for $550. Check completed auctions and you can find it
  10. I ask because I accidentally tore mine the other day when performing a HD swap. Now it's pretty much useless until I can find another one. Short of buying another 5xx, any idea if there is a replacement for it? I checked eBay, but didn't find one.
  11. I'd like to put together a thread to gather information on a couple of PowerBook 5300 accessories that may or may not exist, and may or may not have seen the light of day. Read on to gather what I've found. Documented by former Apple engineers in the book, AppleDesign: The Work of the Apple Industrial Design Group, the PowerBook 5300 was not going to be the first Powerbook to ship with a CD-ROM drive. Instead of featuring a standard 5.25 inch CD-ROM drive, a marketing executive pushed to brand the M2 (the 5300's code name) as the "smallest" full-featured laptop available. This mea
  12. Hey, @haplain Any update on the WALT? My guess was going to be that if you tried to start it with Extensions off, it wouldn't have loaded the WALT software.
  13. Never repaired it. I'm still on the hunt for a decently priced Bose base. No parts for sale at this time, sorry.
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