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  1. Hi All, I recently bought a Quadra 950 from someone on these forums. The computer was packed by UPS in a good box with plenty of bubble wrap and arrived without any external damage. However, the computer just doesn't successfully power up. The seller says it worked perfectly before shipped. When turning the key to the 'run' position or when pressing the soft power button on the keyboard, the power supply starts to engage, and the fan spins for 1-2 seconds, and then immediately turns off. I also vaguely hear a hissing from either capacitors or an internal transformer?
  2. Here's a couple of pictures. I have the original box so that's why I believe it came that way from the factory. Never knew this was an option, any other dual floppy SE I've seen has been 800K. Anyhow, got around to swapping parts around today. Replaced the logic board, metal frame (old one was quite rusted from battery explosion), and power supply (also rusted). Happy to report the SE now boots up to the blinking question mark! The original logic board with the ROMs support 1.4mb floppy drives is badly damaged, but as you suggest I'll see if I can salvage the ROM chips
  3. Hi All, I recently purchased a Mac SE Dual Floppy model on eBay because the case was in very good condition. The seller said it didn't power on, but this was vague so i bought it anyway to see if I could figure out what might be wrong. Well, it suffered the all-too-common red battery explosion and the chassis and logic board have major damage. Onto the question: this particular SE is the first I've seen with Dual 1.4mb floppy drives and no hard drive. Even the box states they are apple Apple original drives, shipped from the factory. I have a spare SE logic board from
  4. Wow, it's like someone dumped a whole vacuum bag of dust on that!
  5. The hard drives are SCSI 3.5", 50 pin. If I recall someone did make an adapter for IDE drives, but it was pretty expensive. I think you'd be better off just picking up a used SCSI drive somewhere. The laser printer cable is likely just an 8 pin serial cable. It will resemble the keyboard cable end, but with 8 pins. Depending on what model the laserwriter is, it might also have a parallel port or AAUI network port.
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