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  1. I think I have the same exact problem on 2 portables. If anyone has found a solution I would be interested in learning what is wrong with it. Thanks!!!
  2. I am having the same exact issues with my apple 3 almost to the T. If you have solved this issue please let me know what you tried. I noticed my power supply is making some weird noises so I think the first step for me is to get that stabilized. I will look into getting the capacitors replaced. I have already reseated the chips and ram but I'll play around with that some more to see if that will help. The sad thing for me is it was working great before I cleaned it and replaced a blown stinky cap in the power supply. I got it looking really nice... Flipped the switch to no video. I
  3. Oh really? I didn't know you could do that! Thanks for the advice!
  4. Thanks for your help and support! I owe you big time for all the things you have done for me You dont know how much I appreciate all of this! Have a great holiday!
  5. Omg it worked!!!! I replaced the chip with one from a dead board And as soon as I flipped the power switch the chime was normal and it came up with the flashing disk!!! I'm so happy this actually worked!!! I put a socket in and cut another socket to add 4 more pins and the replacement chip from a parts 128k board fit perfectly! Thanks so much for that schematic without that I would be nowhere!!! Thank you everyone who helped you made a 17 year old Happy
  6. Those weren't filled with solder so I'm going to try to fill those first.
  7. Wait I just noticed chip 1e has vsync and hsync I'm going to assume that's vertical and horizontal sync for the screen. It's labeled LAG I gu I'll try swapping that chip.
  8. Only thing I would guess would be chip 2e But that is not based off of anything.
  9. Lol I still have no clue what chip that would be. Any idea on the name that it would be? I haven't looked yet maybe it's labeked mux I'll go see. Oh, I almost forgot merry Christmas everyone to all who celebrate it! Thanks everyone!
  10. That's more of what I was thinking. I thought it would be some chip but I had no clue what it would be. I'll try and replace that and see if it helps Hopefully it's 16 pin or less so I can throw in a socket.
  11. Alright I'll try replacing it and see if it helps. The thing is it was working fine before I did that so that's why I think a cap wouldn't go bad because of a spark. I'll try it anyway and see if it helps. I tried another motherboard in it and it works fine so it's not the analog. Thanks for your help everyone!
  12. I did something stupid You know the type of fly back transformers that don't have the bleeder resistor? That caused a big problem for a motherboard that was working fine. I unscrewed the groud wire from the crt and discharged the crt with it. There was a big arc and it was safe to remove and handle because I was working on an internal hyperdrive anyway.... The issue I'm having now is there's a single horizontal line across the screen. As anyone would think the issue would be a bad analog board... Apparently it's not. Somehow the motherboard is causing the horizontal like across the sc
  13. Thanks for the link that exains a lot!!! It appears I also have the f at the end of the serial I think I put 2 and 2 together and possibly figured this out. These came in a box labeled Bill Fernandez. If you don't kn who he is a quick Google sear will explain who he is. I believe these were sent before the 512 was released to developers possibly. I might have to get this board framed because of how cool it looks:P especially because it doesn't work which stinks Thanks for helping identify what this is!!! If anyone has any ideas what to do with it or wants it let me know!
  14. Today I recieved a motherboard that has some very interesting characteristics. Something I have never seen before leading me to believe it's a late prototype. As you can see form the pictures it has yellow paint instead of the normal white paint marking what chips go where and what component is what. Another interesting thing I not is it has these weird circle markers in 2 of the corners. It also has a hand written number on the serial number. Also I've never seen this kind of branded ram chips in a 512k When I got this motherboard the rom chips were removed so I just threw in
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