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  1. Some stuff in here may be helpful for this project: http://mac128.com/
  2. I’ll just throw my two cents in here. The instructions here are a bit outdated, but they work well. http://mac128.com/
  3. This might be helpful as well: http://68kmac.com/Mac128/Mac_128_Update/Entries/2007/9/1_Formatting_800K_MFS_Disks_With_64K_ROMs.html
  4. This could also be useful with your setup. http://68kmac.com/Mac128/Mac_128_Update/Entries/2007/9/1_Formatting_800K_MFS_Disks_With_64K_ROMs.html
  5. It's amazing. All of this was discussed and discovered on these very forums over a decade ago. But it appears the search function for the archive of posts from that time has been disabled? I guess I've been gone too long. Sad that so much useful information has to be rediscovered. But then, that's half the fun, no?
  6. You don't need an OS X virtual machine, what works better is something like a Mac OS emulator like Basilisk II, or SheepShaver for Windows. There's a few tutorials here, geared toward a Mac, but they will give you the idea: http://www.mac128.com
  7. I thought the issue was that you couldn't write to it? As I recall, Apple had a means for reading the contents from the drive to copy your files off of it from an SE, but not to continue writing to the drive.
  8. No worries ... Have just seen this misnomer perpetrated for far too long. Here's another breakdown that covers the transition. http://68kmac.com/Mac128/Mac_128_Update/Entries/2007/1/2_The_%22Classic%22_Macintosh.html
  9. Need to nip this one in the bud. There is no "Snow White" color. That refers to the name of a design language created by Hartmut Esslinger. The Apple // was beige, but the Apple //c was a color called "fog" which also marked the debut of the Snow White design language. The Mac was only ever Pantone 453 and Platinum. It was never "fog". The Mac switched to the Snow White design language with the SE. Here's some links to other discussions: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/4024-mac-128k-color/#p90321 https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/4073-apple-ii-color/
  10. This may help ... Formatting 800K MFS Disks With 64K ROMs There are numerous threads discussing this as well, but doing a search doesn't seem to pull them up for some reason.
  11. Very surprising. On a related note I just checked eBay prices on Mac 128ks and they seem to be selling for record low prices. Entire systems with original box and packaging selling for less than $1,000. Working units selling for $200. And now 128ks in the trash. What's going on here? Are people not interested in collecting the 128k anymore?
  12. I knew I had done a mock up like this ... obviously mine essentially reduces the current iMac design down to a 128K Compact Mac size, which I would be just as happy with as the mock-up design being discussed in this thread, and would have far fewer balancing issues. It essentially achieves the same effect.
  13. Well one problem I see immediately is there's no way to machine the channels to run the wiring to the power cable. I also don't like the idea that the FaceTime camera, speakers and mic are located in the slot. And why make the the entire thing generally taller than the original? And the angles are off, the bottom of 128K slants slightly forward, not perpendicular, and certainly not backward slanting. The simplest fix for all of these things is to make the indent a covered compartment to house the downward facing speakers and provide a place to put the power connector. So it would be simila
  14. e-mail Eric Rasmussen on his site. There's nothing on that site he hasn't personally confirmed himself. From your initial list you are not accounting for the 240V Plus. This is it.
  15. Are you replying to me? I'm not talking about motherboards ... you say there are no M0001APs yet there are ... This is worth a read if you haven't previously seen it: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/13990-those-more-rare-compact-variants/
  16. Have you checked out this site?: http://earlymacintosh.org
  17. Most Apple printers will work with the 128K as long as it's supported by System 2.0/Finder 4.1. The LaserWriter 7 driver from System 6.0.8 is compatible all the way back, so there's a benchmark by which to guess which printers should work. Most were not serial protocol, per se, but rather AppleTalk networking over the serial port, which is why the 128K is so forward compatible. However, if you're running pre-System 2.0/4.1, you'll be limited to the ImageWriter, I believe. You can also print to a postscript file using the LaserWriter 7 driver and print it on a modern Mac.
  18. This is a helpful link as well ... http://www.earlymacintosh.org It's going to be different for every revised software release. If you haven't considered it, part numbers are going to become a factor in whether your boxed set is matched and dated or just a collection of random parts representative of the general contents of a 128K Mac box over time.
  19. If the board only needs to be compatible and you're not looking for a finished machine, then you can use any board from the 128K through MacPlus without changing the connector. The SE logic board is also compatible, but you will need to re-wire using an SE connector. The reverse is true for the analogue boards as well.
  20. Nah, it's no different than selling a free iPhone 5C today with only 8GB Storage with iOS 8.1.
  21. Hi, actually they say they've done this successfully for a number of people who brought in old MacBooks (it's a non-profit organization with a lot of employees using older and used hardware, who don't need the latest and greatest technology to do their jobs, in a profession where little economic support is provided). And if they have a proven hack they have been using for several years, whether Apple drops support for it in the coming months or not is irrelevant do doing it now. And more to the continued support, a quick look around the Internet seems to suggest that Mountain Lion will als
  22. I'm assuming this is a Hack. I upgraded from my original Core Duo Mac to a Core 2 Duo Mac so I could upgrade to Lion an upgrade to ICloud. I gave the Mac to a girlfriend for casual use, but she's using it in a closed network, and they won't let her on the Internet because Snow Leopard is no longer supported by Apple security updates, despite being perfectly functional otherwise. Surprisingly, their IT department has said they will upgrade it to Lion so she can get onto the Internet. Now, I thought I had read that this was possible, but because I needed iCloud, I didn't really look into i
  23. Yeah best to ignore that -- Apple's early numbering system was a mess. Check this out: http://earlymacintosh.org
  24. I feel like I tried this once upon a time, but I do not recall the outcome. The HD20 Manual is quite clear on this -- the HD20 Startup disk must be in the internal drive. It goes on to outline procedures for using an external drive without powering up the HD20 -- you must startup from the HD20 disk in the internal drive before an external drive connected to an unpowered HD20 will be recognized.
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