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  1. wow, sorry, I meant WOW!! Well done, that is an awesome achievement. I havent been around here for a while so have only just learnt of your awesomeness today. I was truly blown away. I'm pretty sure that in past discussion about being able to do something like this on a 128k Mac using Mac OS, the idea was dumped in the "impossible" basket. Excellent work. I look forward to taking some time to read through your blog (not that I'll be able to understand all the technical bits!). Cheers,
  2. Could be possible to play modem dialup over the internet, but would need some additional (moderish) equipment. Hardware solutions along the lines of the Lantronix or MOXA ethernet modems (basically hayes modem emulator, serial to ethernet converter) could be used, but I suppose both parties would need the same brand converter to make it all work. Alternatively, perhaps TCPSER has this functionality, then just a reasonably common old windows box could be used as the go between on both ends.
  3. Cheers, would appreciate it. Ahh yes, you are right, well done for spoting my deliberate mistake
  4. Were there any MSBASIC commands to access a Localtalk network on a classic 68k Mac? I'm thinking 64k ROM machines like the 128/512k Mac. If so, anyone got any examples? Cheers,
  5. Hi all, I've done a quick google but not come up with much, so I thought I'd be lazy and post here to see if anyone knew the answer. I've got a couple of Lisa 2 PSU's (both the low and high power varities) and was wondering if anyone knew of a reference that described the capacitors, their values and ratings, for the purposes of replacement. Both my PSU's went bang with lots and lots of smoke (very impressive) so I'm assuming I wont be able to read the values off the exisitng components. Also, a repair guide would be nice Cheers,
  6. Hi all, I have a "Macintosh Color Monitor" (its a 14" or so by the look) from around 1993 that I need to take apart - does anyone know where I can find a disassembly guide for such a beast? A quick google didnt do me much good so I thought I'd try a more targetted approach by posting here Cheers,
  7. Thanks to the good people at RetroNET, I now have somewhere to host some web pages. So, I have moved this bloggy type post over to there, and have even included two new amazing pictures of my LCe and Serial cable - wow. What are you waiting for?!? Heres the link - http://retro-net.org:808/~gavo/
  8. Seems like endurance might be the in thing this time round. Must be something in the water because I was thinking that I might try to do all of my recreational computing (media centre PC doesnt count right) on my old 128k Mac, connected to the interweb via my PC and Retro-net.org for the challenge. Should bring back some (painful) memories
  9. Hmm, interesting. Is it playable(ish) like that? Anyway, thanks for trying it out and posting - wish I still had my Apple III Cheers,
  10. There seems to be a disk image of it located at: http://adtpro.sourceforge.net/archive/WAP/html/a3games.html Cheers,
  11. Hi, I used to love Captain Magneto on my 128k Mac and recently discovered that there seems to have been a port of it to the Apple III - unfortuantely I dont have an Apple III or a Mac (on which I can run SARA the Apple III emulator) to check out the Apple III version - I'm really interested to see what the graphics were like on this platform. Did anyone here ever play it on the III? What was it like - was the game play similar to the Mac version? Anyone got any screen shots (or better yet youtube video)? Wishful thinking perhaps. Cheers,
  12. Well, the RetroBaud has now officially been retired. I had a lot of fun (after the frustration) getting it going - but even more fun BBS'ing once it was up. I also enjoyed getting me Apple IIe card going in my LC475 despite not being able to get the BBS running on it. I was a bit MIA for the last week of the RC, I had hoped to write a high scores module for the door games on the RetroBaud, but just wasnt able to do it. I have to say that I'd highly recommend the RC to anyone. Its a laugh and by entering myself, I found that I felt a little more connected to the other contestants and t
  13. Well, heres a quite bit I wrote up on my final solution - feel free to ask any questions. Whilst I would have preferred to have my Warp6 BBS running on my LC 475’s //e card, I was forced to run it on my XP workstation under the KEGS emulator due to Warp6’s incompatibility with the //e card. Essentially this is the brief run down of how I did it. Software Used in the End: KEGS 0.91 (http://kegs.sourceforge.net/) - //gs emulator TCPSER (http://www.jbrain.com/pub/linux/serial/) - Hayes compatible modem emulator for getting your old serial comms app onto the internet. Note I’m not
  14. Hi Scott, Definitely check out the FAQ that Charlieman mentions - it will be invaluable - but I thought I'd just share my thoughts on one of your more subjective questions - is it better than a real IIe. I used to own a real enhanced IIe many many years ago and it was relatively tricked out, but no longer have that machine. Recently I started getting back into the old gear and have managed to find an LC475 and a IIe card with 5.25 drive to go with it - no real IIe however. Just recently I got my IIe card going and my initial thoughts were "AWESOME!!" and it is indeed awesome. The L
  15. Thanks guys. Yeah, good call about getting some pics etc and a bit more of a description around some of the app stuff - I will definitely do that. Also, the current state of game play is (in order of who's winning) Micro Bandit - LUDDITE, URBANCAMO, ARFINK, GAVO, WGOODF RPS - LUDDITE, WGOODF, GAVO, URBANCAMO (based on percentage wins) I think I'm winning Leeches (at the moment)
  16. Nice!! How are you connecting the GS to the UNIX shell?
  17. Boomshanka!! The RetroBaud BBS is now online at telnet : retrobaud.dyndns.org Those of you who have no specific Winter Warm Up 09 Challenge - you do now. Get online and see if you can get the high scores! After a bit of mucking around (I discovered two of the doors werent working remotely), I think its all up and running (never again I say!!). So I assume this is probably the only Warp6 BBS ever to hit the internet - yay! Its not that flash, but assuming I can pretty much keep this up for the rest of the month (that could be interesting), thats my challenge DONE!! I have to sa
  18. Greetings. First, I have to say that I'm well impressed with the other RC entries - I've been checking the blogs and theres some impressive stuff going on. I think at the moment my favorite thing is the retrosketch - i think there could be a market for something like that... Anyway, I havent given up on my own (now slightly modified) challenge. In fact today I tried something quite extreme (even more extreme than reading the documentation which as you know I've also had to resort to). I decided to NOT have a drink before starting my RC'ing. I have been trying to figure out how to
  19. Yeah, I have been thinking about another package, the only thing about that is that I wont be able to run my Warp6 games (although they are applesoft basic so perhaps could be converted to run with Proline). The games arent much, but they were created by myself and some friends a _long_ time ago, so I was keen to let them see the light of day one more time so to speak. Unfortunately I'm back at work now (uh-oh here comes the lame excuses!!) which is putting a bit of a damper on my drinking, I mean retro challenging, however.... I have had some success with getting Warp6 in an emulator
  20. Bugger. After reading some more of the Warp6 documentation (i know - crazy!) it seems that its never going to run on my LCe unless I somehow get the Apple IIe card on the LC to support "vertical blanking" or rewrite Warp6 not to require it (there is no chance I'll be able to do either of those ). Anyhoo, I assume this because the Warp6 documentation says that it uses vertical blanking for timing stuff. So I guess that part of my plan is out. Damn.
  21. Well, I am still considering my options today... I have found the source code for Warp6 2.5 posted on the internet which I have downloaded but am yet to get onto an Apple II. I will need to decode it, then unshrinkit it, then get it onto a GS with the proper development environment set up (this will all have to be virtual as I dont have a real II of any sort) - given I've never anything other than BASIC on the Apple II this is a rather daunting task - just to get to the point where I could examine the source code, but probably still not understand it To aid in my endeavor I have flick
  22. So although playing all those old games I used to love on something that more closely represents a real apple II than an emulator on a PC is indeed great fun, I quickly discover that not all my disks have survived the last 20 years in storage (although a surprising number do seem to have) and so decide to get back into my challenge. It has indeed been an emotional day with great ups and and now downs... The next part of my story begins with me pondering about how to get the Warp6 software onto my LCe - or more specifically, my pre-configured copy I have sitting on my emulator. Aft
  23. Urg - Jan 1 is not a great day to start the challenge Having said that, I didnt have a big night - although being old(er) makes up for it - drink half as much to get twice the hang over... Anyway, got back from the beach a couple of hours ago and decided to avoid the Sun for a little bit and start my challenge. So the first thing to do was install the software and create a prodos partition for my IIe card. To be honest, this work was all done prior to the challenge (a few months ago) as when I first got the card I did a bit of investigation into what I needed on the LC. So, I already had
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