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  1. I was kind of fearing the worst considering the life it's lived, so it's great it was an easy fix-- I too am interested in viewing an extended version of the launch sequence if and when you get to it!
  2. Oh nice! So it looks like you got the power supply issue worked out?
  3. Pointing out jt's fun 6360 hack--
  4. Neat! As I've got an SE/30 out at the moment with 20MB and no pram battery, I put your extension in there and it's done as you have described. Thanks for putting this together!
  5. Yes! I went in the other direction, removing the two electrolytic caps and put in tantalums on the unused pads. But now that C1 scares me I think the next time I have the machine open, I'll take that one out and put in a polymer cap on the unused pads there.
  6. I don't believe any of the Macintosh II's support Apple's RAM Disk. Could be wrong, but I think it's those and the SE/30 that won't. I just checked my SE/30 and it's not there, but it's there on a Quadra 700 (with the same image of 7.5.5 I copy to various machines). I think RAMDisk+ is a popular alternative: https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/ramdisk-v324
  7. That is SUPER cool! Looks beastly- how much does that guy weigh? Best of luck with getting it 100% operational!
  8. Looks to have healthy RAM and ROM clips as well... lucky guy
  9. This video is awesome! I was inspired to level up in gear and got a desoldering gun... desoldered a IIfx rom socket from a blasted board to move to an SE/30 with borked tabs. Thanks for making it!
  10. Nice setup! Do you mean the inverted-T kickstand like thing? http://www.digitalimage4k.com/wp-content/themes/shopperpress/thumbs/Apple-Studio-15.jpg
  11. Nice machine-- I like the heft of the 3400! Good to get that pram battery out of there-- mine died from one that leaked. I had 8.5 (or 8.6?) on mine and was happy with that.
  12. I had three of these little astec's hanging out in my basement for awhile and never got the time to get the caps all sorted-- then recently came across this post! What a fantastic resource-- thanks PotatiFi! I got the caps in today from Digikey and I've already done one of the PSUs-- all's well! (and to note, there appears to be at least one variant of this kind of LC PSU-- PotatoFi covered it in another thread. So make sure you have this same model before you use this particular list Cheers~
  13. Thank you! That's exactly how I got my 6400 to work, following your 'guide' above. Since it sounds like the 6500 needs the same remedy (and the remedy won't cause any problems), I'll just do the same thing. And thanks to trag for the ebay link and to Fizzbinn for the powercc source!
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