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  1. Nice setup! Do you mean the inverted-T kickstand like thing? http://www.digitalimage4k.com/wp-content/themes/shopperpress/thumbs/Apple-Studio-15.jpg
  2. Nice machine-- I like the heft of the 3400! Good to get that pram battery out of there-- mine died from one that leaked. I had 8.5 (or 8.6?) on mine and was happy with that.
  3. I had three of these little astec's hanging out in my basement for awhile and never got the time to get the caps all sorted-- then recently came across this post! What a fantastic resource-- thanks PotatiFi! I got the caps in today from Digikey and I've already done one of the PSUs-- all's well! (and to note, there appears to be at least one variant of this kind of LC PSU-- PotatoFi covered it in another thread. So make sure you have this same model before you use this particular list Cheers~
  4. Thank you! That's exactly how I got my 6400 to work, following your 'guide' above. Since it sounds like the 6500 needs the same remedy (and the remedy won't cause any problems), I'll just do the same thing. And thanks to trag for the ebay link and to Fizzbinn for the powercc source!
  5. Thanks very much! That's very helpful and gives me hope-- I'll get a 3.3v regulator and wire it in.
  6. MJ313

    CF in Takky?

    Full circle as I find myself dealing with a 6500 in 6300 chassis issue! 2 things: 1. It's a shame the following link doesn't work anymore, as it had johnklos' original detailed information about modifying a 6400 board with a 3.3v regulator: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/12910-smallest-physical-size-machine-to-run-761/?p=134175 2. Photobucket was a nightmare... here's a pic of the original hack I did based off of the above thread.
  7. Hi Franklinstein-- I was wondering if you got anywhere with this issue? I am having fun with the same thing... I have a 6300 and have had good luck with a modified 6400 board with 3.3v regulator, but when I try a 6500/225 (no modifications) the machine has disk issues, similar to what I think you experienced. My initial thought was a power issue because the 6300 supply is reportedly weaker than a 6360, but then I got to revisiting the 3.3v issue and came across your thread. I can't find an example of someone getting a 6500 board to work in a 6200 or 6300 (However, a 6500 board will work fine i
  8. I just gave Glider 4.06 a try in my CC (w 550 board) and even though Sound is set to Stereo (Mono greyed out), the sound in the game worked fine.
  9. Agree about the G4! The QS is my mostly daily driver of an OS9 machine these days.... There is a 199? Gateway full tower in all of its beige behemoth-ness that's been at the dump for months (presumably because no one wants to move it...) I've never played with one-- it's awesome looking. I'd be disowned if I brought it back.
  10. You found some neat stuff there! I'm glad I don't collect Dell's because I'd have an Everest-sized mountain of them by now Every so often something pops up-- a Quicksilver and the IIfx are the best ones at this point.
  11. Agree, even at distance I knew it had to be a Mac something... What graphics card do you have in yours? Mine had the typical toby when I got it. I put a radius 8xj in it which plays a lot nicer with my LG L1933TR 19".
  12. Nice save on that machine-- and that RAM looks great in there! Interested to see what you do with it all I never intentionally went IIfx hunting... figured I was way too late to that game, but then I lucked out at the ewaste pile at our local transfer station two summers ago. Logic board needed to be replaced which is why it was probably tossed... new board and an SCA IBM eserver drive made a huge difference... now it's taking up space in my closet.
  13. I think the issue is with, specifically, the ADC port in cards like that not working in 4x AGP machines. The DVI port and card should work fine otherwise, as long as pins 3 and 11 are modified properly. Source: http://www.jcsenterprises.com/Japamacs_Page/Blog/4B4B7BA2-7ABB-47F1-87AC-B03D37942BEE.html
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