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  1. Yes, Im using chooser - both machines. I think the Classic is using 7.6.1 from memory and the Classic is using 9.2 maybe, but definitely pre OS X. The drivers on the Classic are as up to date as possible. Really - turn off sharing on the Classic?
  2. Does anyone have any idea why my Classic might throw a "Divide by zero" error?, when I try and connect to an iMac G3.Its the classic Mac bomb screen and even if you try and restart it gives the same error. Both machines are connected to a switch, and the Classic has a Dayna SCSI/Ethernet box. The iMac G3 has the Networking CP set to Ethernet and the Classic has the same thing set to Alt Ethernet from a choice of three, the other two do nothing apparently. Both machines have sharing set to on. Louis
  3. The machines are joined at a switch. The Classic has the SCSI / Ethernet device and the G3 connects through its own Ethernet port.
  4. Hi, Did you get this working? I have a Dayna pocket SCSI/Ethernet box Im trying to use to connect a Classic to an old iMac G3 - the candy coloured ones.
  5. Also Mac TCP control panel in the Classic has two choices, Ethertalk A and builtin Ethernet. Not quite sure what the purpose of this is.
  6. Limited success of sorts, I discovered a network control panel on the Classic. This gives an option of Local Talk, ET Phase 1, and EtherTalk alternative The only one that appears to do anything is the EtherTalk Alternative. If I select this I can see the iMac in Chooser and the iMac can see the classic. The problem is that if the iMac tries to connect to the classic it runs a little contacting bar then tells you you get no response from the server, and if I try to contact the iMac from the classic it goes through a few screens then comes up with Appleshare divide by zero - Restart,
  7. To be honest the very new machine - its not necessary to connect to the network, as the iMac G3 will connect to the internet - just as they promised at the time. I was pretty impressed a machine that old could do that, out the box. So in theory then the iMac could be fitted with a lowly version of OS X and be able to see the Classic and also see the new machine?
  8. Thanks - yes. Its obviously very comprehensive. Im reasonably intelligent and it overwhelms me. Its more a reference than a guide.
  9. Hi, Im trying to connect an iMac G3 with OS9 and a Classic with a Dayna SCSI / Ethernet breakout box. They are connected via a Netgear Prosafe GS105. The iMac has ethernet thats working fine - I can see the internet no problems. Its actually quite a useable machine. I don't really have a way of checking the Classic is connected. It does have all the correct connection software installed like the Dyna drivers for Ethernet. Im looking in Appleshare to try and see the iMac, but to no avail. Likewise I checked the iMac to see the Classic but also no joy. Ive read lots of the gu
  10. I was actually trying to use a GS105. Im running system 7.1 I think. Im assuming that the Linux system is located on your Powerbook and that can see both the LCIII and the Powerbook - or at least folders on it?
  11. OK, So if I wanted the Classic connect to the internet I could connect my ethernet cable thats the input on my existing switch into the 10BaseT old hub? - this would of course disconnect my modern mac from the internet. Probably not a long term solution. Following on from this, if I bought an old iMac G3 could I connect both machines via a 10BaseTHub? Also - could I stick a modern switch between the router and the 10BastT Hub, disconnect my iMac ( if I bought one ) and connect my modern Mac and the iMac via my new switch? Im assuming the iMac would just connect to the internet relativel
  12. The switch says it handles 10 / 100 and 1000. Im rapidly coming to the conclusion I need an iMac G3 to test all this...
  13. Do you think that if I were to get say an iMac G3 that the Classic and iMac if plugged into a modern switch would just start talking to each other? And that also my modern Mac and the iMac might also see each other?
  14. Cool - you are obviously very tech savvy. I have never used a Linux machine. Im not quite sure from your description where the virtualbox sits. Is the virtual box like a machine thats emulated on the linux? Why do you want to access 10.9 files on an older machine?
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