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  1. Well, its still use full for faxing.... so i guess thats a thing.... Yeah oh well, im to lazy to pull out my g4 anyways lol
  2. WOO, My website is up and running

  3. No there should be two scsi ports on the main baord, one for slow legacy scsi and one for fast scsi, If your system has it, try it. if not that sucks.
  4. You know I love it how its such a pain geting softwares for thiese old systems
  5. Augh I don't want to have to get a scsi over entherenet, but it is a postscript printer I hope. Yeah, That guide was an intresting read....expecialy about the network file tranfer problem when antivrius is open on windows systems. and im shure it will work in any computer the null, all you need is terminal software or something along that lines. I think linux has one bulit in. I will be finding that out shortly, but i mainly just want a ppp conection, and im thinking If i make a ppp conection then i can shurely network or something
  6. Well I found some light though this voodo, it sounds like I can make a ppp conection with the null to the linux box, if the apple talk setting is off. I could also use like a telnet client and tranfer files via that way, But I still kind of need some files so i can coppy to my mac. So, I guess I go along in this crazy mess,
  7. 590-0332-B I tryed to make the cable with the otherside and i have now since lost it, but its alright.
  8. i need some disks for my se

  9. I found out after i ordered, I need to make shure its a hardware handshake welp, now all i need to do if figure out how to get debian to talk to the macintosh when i get the cable
  10. I have a null modeom comeing from ebay, I'd like to conect my macintosh'es Mac serial to DB9, to the Null,. then to my IBM server. I'd ecentialy like the IBM server to act as an apple talk point and be able to give use to my printer and my file server, Is there a way this could be done? My ibm is running debian
  11. My macintosh 30SE want's to extend it's conection out to a linux server over serial, I have an Apple serial to DB9 male, and I would like to get the proper conection so my linux can act as an apple talk server Would I just need a null modeom? can I get a db-25 + db-9 female null pci cad?
  12. So jealous of that dual Floppy drive.!
  13. HoneyDoe


    Augh I got one of these g3's I need to pull It out and take out the hdd and stick it in my other power mac... The school I got it from had networking going and it needs a server conection...im to lazy to pull the hdd but it does had network!
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