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  1. No RAM? Probably not the sophisticated answer you were looking for. The socketed Atmel chip is turned 90 degrees? No, it wouldn't fit with the cut corner.
  2. Yea, I do have a ROM reader. I just need to find it. Let me dig around today or tomorrow and get back to you.
  3. Now you guys have me thinking I want one, even though I have no idea what I would need it for.
  4. I want I want. @sutekh any chance you'd ever produce these and sell them?
  5. I gave away two of them a month or two ago.
  6. For my networked Macs I have an a2server set up with any files i need to get onto a vintage Mac. I am running it as a VM on a modenr Mac. I also have an FTP server set up in case there are Appleshare issues. My other solution is I have a SCSI2SD v6 set up with several HFS partitions and a large HFS+ one. I will copy files to the HFS+ partition from my modern Mac (the HFS+ partition shows up a a drive when the SCSI2SD is connected via USB) and then use a Powerbook 540 running 8.1 to transfer files from the HFS+ partition to one of the HFS partitions that can then be mounted
  7. As I go through all my stuff to figure out what to get rid of, I started playing around with a G4 B&W 450. It needs a DVD-RW drive and an HD, but is in otherwise good working condition. I'm a little torn on this one. On the plus side, I'm really impressed with the case design and how easy it is to work on. The box has two video cards capable of pretty good resolution (1600x1200), has a serial card, 1GB of ram, which is nice for a System 9 machine, and feels pretty snappy. It's got a zip and built in ethernet. It seems like this would make a pretty good all-around System
  8. That's a nice upgrade. The only thing missing is a video card. I have CC with a 575 board in it (Mystic) with a com slot ethernet card, and managed to get a Radius pivot LC card in it. Now if I could only get it to work again.
  9. Hey @dan.dem thanks for your help. I'm pretty sure I've definitively identified the problem as corrupt files due to a version of the SCSI2SD v6 firmware that is incompatible with the PowerBook 540 series. Backing the firmware down to 6.2.5 and everything works perfectly. But with newer versions of the firmware, I can't copy to the device, and files copies from it are corrupt with the above problem if they launch at all. Once I downgraded, the same files copied over worked fine.
  10. Yes, turns out one did in fact have a bent pin, good call. The other had a keyboard cable that had loosened up such that the power button wasn't doing anything. both are working now.
  11. Hi, love your site, especially your scan collection. I noticed that there's a missing link in the Macintosh technical documentation series:


    Macintosh Family Hardware Reference sits between Technical Introduction to the Macintosh Family and where Guide to the Macintosh Family Hardware would be in a more recent version of the roadmap which you host on your site already an I couldn't a PDF anywhere online.


    I really want to keep mine bound, but I'd love to PayPal a donation of $8.50 toward the purchase of one. Are you in the USA? I'm poor as a church mouse, but positive I can get a couple up others to donate the remainder of the cost via PM if you'd like?


    https://www.amazon.com/Macintosh-family-hardware-reference $28.50


    It could prove most helpful in the Reverse Engineering the Macintosh SE PCB & Custom Chips for 1:1 reproduction thread and that gang will surely chip in the remainder.



    On a side note, I've always wondered if a formatted text only version of the MacUser and Macworld could be done sans the artwork. One big PDF of each (both?) series in that format would be wonderful for keyword searching info on specific products. Then go to the artwork encumbered versions of specific issues for illustrations, historical context and such. I'd started a listing of the yearly indexes, but they are hard to locate, varying from year to year and seemingly missing from some years.


    Thanks so much for your efforts, especially hosting Gamba2, love your breakout of specific articles!




    1. pcamen


      Hey JT,


      No worries, I am happy to cover this for the team.  I just ordered a copy. 


      In terms of text only MacUser and MacWorld, I could probably hack together a python or perl script with some pdf libraries to extract the text.  But I'm not sure about formatting.  Hmm.  The PDF files are first and foremost images, which text added after the fact via OCR.  So if you remove the images, you would just have text left, unformatted.  . 


      What I typically do is just search using spotlight on my Mac at the top level where I have all my magazines and books, all of which have been OCR'd.  That brings up matches and shows what file they came from which is how I typically find things.


      Separate text files could be also used with grep, for a little more search control than spotlight. 


      What do you think?



    2. Trash80toHP_Mini


      Thanks much, Peter. I'm sure the SE builders will really appreciate your contribution. Each volume builds upon the last and hopefully there are a lot of cues in MFHR to better aid cryptological methods for deducing and recreating the PALs/ASICs as needed.


      About the search thing, using reader an issue at a time is as far as I've gotten, I'll have to research Searchlight. [:I]  Unformatted text from each complete series would probably be workable enough for down and dirty research purposes in terms of issue/page spelunking.


      I've always wanted a good reason to learn to GREP something. :lol:


      BTW, I just found/remembered that the link to Ports_Pinouts.PDF in your (all?) Gamba2 hosting pulls up a DOA Apple page. Directly hosting it along with the books on the development tree would be much appreciated, maybe redirecting that link in Gamba too? I imagine it's out there, but didn't find it in a few seconds of search today. I have it if you can't easily scare it up.


      again, really love your site,


    3. Trash80toHP_Mini


      Hi again and happy Thanksgiving!


      Was musing and now rationally thinking about the Image/text thing regarding text extraction from magazine pages within a PDF.


      As a longtime AI user, I've been opening development book PDFs for grabbing artwork and text since they became available. Text characters, lines and paragraphs are objects with their own coordinates on the baseline page grid. My guess is that the OCR'd text is much the same, it's probably an overlay, invisible text objects located within page coordinates. Can't imagine it's not in its own layer across every graphical page layer and fully formatted within the PDF, page returns and all. Can't open a volume file using AI 9.02 on my QS, likely due to file size. It normally asks me which page I want to open, which is a guessing game as the intro/contents pages in Roman numerals count as pages.


      I haven't got any graphics programs set up since the move to X. Nothing appealed to me about upgrades to my apps and X was HORRIBLE when I tried it at first release, still haven't tried it on my 12" AlBook, heading right to and still loving my OS9 bubble.


      If you're not set up with graphic design menagerie (sounds like you're a programmer?) bounce this notion off your Photoshop guy to test the theory. If it's correct, I imagine it would be a lot more productive to tweak the GIMP as an automated paged text extraction engine than working within the bars of Adobe'sproprietary prison?



  12. Wonderful! I just bought two. Is it against forum rules to post a link to your own stuff for sale on eBay? Can I post it for you?
  13. @AlpineRaven somewhat stale thread but I've been playing around with a couple of 540c's lately and am definitely having weirdness with my SCSI2SD v6. The firmware seems problematic. I am back to ver 6.2.5 as with any newer version I have issues copying files to/from the v6. One PB has the 550c processor in it, one does not. The one that doesn't has an internal PowerBook edition SCSI2SD v5.0, other other one has a spinner hard drive. Your symptoms are not quite the same as mine, but perhaps if you haven't figured this out already it is something to try, either upgrading or down
  14. @360alaska I'm also looking for SCSI2SD solutions for PowerBooks. You going to make some of your adapters available for purchase?
  15. Er, scratch that. 6.3.2 still has issues with the PowerBook 540c. Grrr.
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