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  1. The drivers worked! But, the drawing tablet input is jumpy on my computer. Is a 266 MHz machine too old for this?
  2. Thank you. I will purchase this model! Do you know if driver files are readily downloadable for this model? EDIT: oops, I accidentally just bought a UD-608-A, hope it works fine.
  3. Hey all, It's been a while since I've been active in the community, and I actually had a point where I got rid of most of my Macs since then. I'm slowly getting back involved in the community, since I have the money to start putting in to machines that need work/upgrades. I saw an untested Powerbook G3 on a local listing for $10, and I couldn't resist. It didn't come with a power adapter, but it had the IO panel and everything looked in pretty nice shape from the pictures. I meet the guy, get the machine, and it's quite the beautiful specimen. It only has a little bit of wear on the space
  4. Hello, I have a Powerbook G3 Wallsteet, which I want to use Adobe Illustrator 9 with a drawing tablet. Which model would be compatible, and have drivers for Mac OS 9? And it can't be USB, since this model doesn't have USB ports. Can someone point me to a model that would be compatible? I was looking at the Wacom UD-1212-R, will it work? Other recommendations are welcome as well. Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi. I use a graphite keyboard from an iMac on my Sawtooth and the power button on the keyboard works to power on the machine. Kind of odd that they removed the feature later in its life.
  6. Well I have 2 dell monitors ones a really old one from 2000 and the other is from 2007, the other monitor is a LG I bought in 2012. I think I should be set but I'll still do more research on the matter
  7. Before I buy an adapter to VGA for use on my LCD displays and my LC III will it even work? I have 3 monitors. Can someone give me advice about these working on LCD displays?
  8. I have the same drive and I have figured out how to get mine to work. The needle gets stuck in the park position and so I take the cover off the drive and turn the machine on, then move the needle off the park position and the machine boots. Keep in mind if you turn the machine off you most likely will have to do this again. This is temporary and do this at your own risk. Please screw the cover back on the drive when you are done moving the needle. You don't want the cover to be off for too long
  9. did you go into open firmware and try the command boot ud:, \\:tbxi? if you can't read that command here it is in slightly more legible font boot ud:, \\:tbxi
  10. You could try to use Open Firmware to boot from the CD-ROM drive? I have had success on booting from USB before...
  11. when i use my 1.42 Ghz iBook G4 with maxed out RAM the machine does ok with youtube sometimes its a little strange though
  12. I don't have any ADB keyboards or mice (should really get around to that) but I do have the matching keyboards and mice for my 2 iMac G3s and my Power Mac G4
  13. Even if the motherboard is busted in the XPS there is still really nice components inside. I'm surprised the owner didn't salvage the really nice parts on the inside.
  14. you know this was perfectly good stuff, seems one would rather sell some of this stuff then toss it
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