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  1. Any links to a working PSU I can buy online (specialy cheap) would be apreciated.
  2. This weekend I managed to save this awesome PowerBook G3 Wallstreet from Recycling. Black powerbooks with that rainbow logo looks so awesome. Although the laptop seems in very good external condition it did not have a power supply. Sadly I do not have one that would work with it. I was kind of hoping that the iBook G4 PSU may work but it does not fit. So until I find a PSU for it I can't test it.
  3. This is so awesome, great job. Next can we run this on an iMac G3?
  4. I just went to a computer store and bought a PC one that was the correct size.
  5. I already upgraded the RAM from 256 MB to 512 MB. I will have to look through my RAM box to see if I have the correct RAM to take it further. Anyways 512 is probably enough to run most things from that era anyhow.
  6. I use a floppy emu on my Macintosh Plus it is awesome. I set it up as the hard drive option and I can now even copy the hard disk image to my MacBook Pro, run in in an emulator (Mini vMac), copy or even play games and then move the hard disk image back to my floppy emu for my Macintosh Plus to use. Its like having my Macintosh Plus with me anywhere I take my MacBook Pro
  7. Last weekend I picked this eMac up from an after hours e-recycling bin. I would have gone to be crushed by next morning. It works well no issues, weights a ton though. Here are the specs: Apple eMac G4/1.25 (USB 2.0) Model A1002 1.25 GHz Power PC G4 512MB Ram ATI Radeon 9200 40GB Hard Disk DVD R CD RW I did a fresh install of Mac OSX 10.4.11 Any Game Suggestions?
  8. They take entries for any retro computers, I just happened to participate with a Mac but lots of people use IBMs and others.
  9. I used WD40 on my Macintosh 128K drive with the same problem and it totally fixed it. However now every-time I run it there is definitely a WD40 smell coming from the drive. Its been 2 years and it is still there.
  10. Retro Battle Stations is having its annual BBS Week again. As always I participated with my trusty Macintosh Plus and connected to their BBS. Had fun reading everyones posts on their retro computers. Decided to cross post it here.
  11. And mutilate my perfectly vintage 128k? No way
  12. I have tested it on my Macintosh 128K and it works fine, yes you only can use 400K disks but that is a Macintosh 128K limitation not the drives
  13. Ok so this is not the most exciting conquest for most people but I have been trying to get one of these locally for a while now. 800K Apple 3.5 Drive model number: A9M0106 I got it from a gentlemen who was moving and decided to part with some of his retro computing equipment. Years ago he apparently worked at a local school board replacing old computer equipment with new computers. He decided to save some of that equipment for later generations. He was selling a whole bunch of apple II drives and macintosh plus keyboards. However what interested me was the Macintosh 3.5 Drives. He
  14. 3583Bytes

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  15. This is really cool but Local Talk Bridge does not seem all that common. Have you considered making this work with the Serial port null cable. Because serial to USB is still possible to get.
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