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  1. Can it work? I have a Reply card in my Q800's PDS slot and I am seeing Orange DOS card on eBay (nubus) that will fit in my Mac. Can 2 or more DOS card work together?
  2. So one cap and a diode would be all you need. Place a large cap (like 1 farad 5v) across SRAM 5v and ground and a diode from 5v source to the cap/SRAM to prevent cap from discharging through the entire Portable.
  3. Wow I had a Kodak LCD panel (free dumpster diving) that powered on but I couldn't find anything to plug it in. I think I tossed it on eBay some years ago.
  4. If it looks too green, look for Basic Color Monitor extension and toss it in System folder. It'll disable sync on green and make PC monitor a little more colorful.
  5. Or an adapter board to use IIci cache card.
  6. Got a replacement PSU in. 5v standby checked good. Plugged it all in, power on BOOOIIIINNNNG!!! It works!! The hard drive included had OS 7.6 and a bunch of old files from a check apps. The last date were over 15 years so it's a good bet any sensitive info is useless. Going to wipe the disk clean and install fresh 7.5 then work on file transfers. No game or anything interesting for me there, I think it was primarily used to manage paycheck of a small company. It keeps trying to access networked server which probably held the main database with names, addresses, and other info for pr
  7. I found something that worked at Radio Shack. They had a long bit with T-10 and T-15 at opposite end. I broke off T-10 tip and it fits a standard 1/4" driver. Combined length was just long enough for the screws in the top! That was about 20 years ago, no idea if they still have it or not. The main part measured about 6 inches long without the tip end.
  8. If that IDE bridge doesn't work for Macintosh for some reason, and you don't mind having external hard drive consider early PowerPC based Powerbook like Wallstreet or Duo 2300. They support IDE drive internally, can work with $5 CF to IDE adapter, and can be connected via SCSI cable to another Macintosh. For a "permanent" hard drive laptop, take out the keyboard, find which 2 wires in the matrix correspond to letter T, and wire in the motherboard's keyboard connector so it'd act like T key is always pressed, this will force the Powerbook to boot in disk mode. Don't need an OS for it and many
  9. snipped My Duo 280c does 640x480 at 256 color. The odd 400 resolution is only if I switch to higher color depth, not many 68k games will support higher color depth beyond 8 bits, and some games that doesn't complain about color often runs much slower so I leave mine at 640x480x8 permanently. Hard drive is not a problem, there are CF and SD adapter that will fit the 2.5" connector. RAM is the main problem. There are very few on eBay and good luck finding one bigger than 8MB to go with built in 4MB. I got lucky with mine long ago when I bought a non working "part" 280c to fix up mi
  10. Taking hard drive apart in any room that isn't 100% dust free is a bit risky. A speck of dust can slip in unseen and a few days or a few years down the road, the dust can work its way to the head and render it unable to read or you might get something like dirt that can scratch the platter. This trick shouldn't be used freely, best reserve it for disk whose head is stuck and you absolutely need to get data off the drive. Then make copy of all the data and try not to use the hard drive for critical stuff.
  11. Why not cook up a mod that forces limit on charger so one can use any power supply and not worry about it melting due to overdrawing current?
  12. Easier to get SE/30 than to try and upgrade Mac Plus. Mac Plus is limited to max 4MB, no internal hard drive without serious hack, and the tiny keyboard isn't too comfortable compared to Extended Keyboard II. Plus you're also limited with choice of mouse for Plus vs SE/30. SE/30 can have really huge memory upgrade although anything over 8MB is probably overkill. For all-in-one color, something like LC or Performa 550 or 575, they support 640x480 which are required minimum for some games. Color Classic and II as well as Performa 275 have smaller display and may have problem with a few
  13. Famous last word ^^^^ Always is harder than it looks on your first few tries. I've destroyed a few parts practicing. Thankfully junk electronics (old TV after you zap the CRT or old VCR) are common.
  14. He's talking about cut trace between UG7 and UH7. That's what it looks like to me.
  15. There are probably 6 caps directly connected to power out on the PSU. I remembered an old trick for checking a switching power supply. Using ohm meter and with no power, check the pins with respect to ground. Good rail should be almost 100 ohms. I got 40 ohms on 5v and 5v standby while +12v looks OK. -12v has different rule because of negative supply. I sure could use a schematic. I tried for Delta power supply but got nada. PCB board labeled DC-266 (on top of PSU if the PSI is mounted in Q800/840) is mainly for mains input, relay to switch on power out for monitor or peripheral, some
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