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  1. Easy to find via Google, but email me at js at cimmeri dott com if you'd like. ~ J
  2. I take the drives apart as far as I can go, then wipe off any old grease. It's just not a good idea to be spraying ANYTHING around a floppy drive. After that, I wash all the parts in very hot water.. just rinse them.. no soap.. taking care not to get water into motors / steppers. Let dry 24 hours. Then I reassemble using a synthetic phono lube.. VERY sparingly.. on any parts that were originally lubed. WD-40 is NOT a long term lube.. and is way too lightweight to serve anything more than a "loosening bolts" or cleaning purpose. Synthetic is necessary so the lube doesn't dry up
  3. No offense, Mike, but your soldering skills are making me cringe. lol. I think the board is repairable, but your skills and possibly tools and solder type need some evolution before that can happen. If I were in this boat, I'd be using some fine wire strands (take apart a multistrand wire) to put down into those holes then solder them in there since I do see metal in each one. ~ J
  4. I had a harder time locating, but I think I found one. We'll see when it gets here. I'm seeing quite a number of books by D. Mark, and a few by both authors as well, on these subjects. Do you have an EXACT full book title or better, an ISBN number? Does Inside Macintosh also presume MPW? It'd be nice if I could target the 512k, but I also have an 8mb Plus. I'd like to either develop on my System 6 Plus, or System 8.1 040 Quadra 650, or System 9 PPC G4 Cube. I'm not up for that much punishment. Thank you very much, Nathan. ~ J
  5. Thanks for your reply, Kallikak. To clarify, I'm mainly looking to learn how to create an early Mac app... as I already am versed in C, Pascal, Basic, Assembly, others. So you suggest Think C and Think Reference? Do you know of any sources where I can obtain this stuff? Thanks much! ~ J
  6. Hi, I'd like to write an app for my Mac 512k / System 6 as a learning exercise. While it would be the most fun to use the 512k or a Plus, I also have systems running OS 7.5, 8.6, and 10.3.9. I've never coded for a Mac before. From what I understand of this thread, I would need "Inside Macintosh" volumes 1-4... as well as a programming environment. Where might I obtain hardcopies of IM like Nathan is using? What would you recommend as a simple programming environment? Future Basic, Think Pascal / C, and MPW were mentioned. Thank you very much, ~ J
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