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  1. What you need is DOS Master. That will allow you to put DOS 3.3 disks on 3.5 disks.
  2. Happy New Yer to all the members here at 68kMLA that are part of the Apple II community! Let's hope 2021 will be a much better year.
  3. And here is an update to version 2.4.1: http://www.callapple.org/vintage-apple-computers/apple-ii/announcing-prodos-2-4-1-for-all-apple-ii-and-compatible-computers/
  4. Here's what I found about Fatal System Error 0911 at csa2 faqs: 0911 and 09010001 (FATAL SYSTEM ERROR 0911); was error number 0400 on ROM-00 machines. Fatal System Error 0911 and Diagnostic Self-Test error code 09010001 mean the same thing: You are experiencing an ADB "can't sync" problem which, usually, seems to relate to a hardware malfunction.
  5. I've relisted the IIe on eBay, since the person who won never paid me. The auction number is 221268860851.
  6. For anyone who is interested I'm selling an Apple IIe system on eBay, the auction number is 221264643143
  7. james1095, that's the beauty of the CFFA3000, it will mount 5.25 or 3.5 or HD images on your Apple //. The computer sees the images as a physical floppy so you can play games or do whatever you would with the real disk without having to transfer the image back to real disk. There are times where a real disk is better but I really like the CFFA3000 and wouldn't trade it for anything.
  8. It will work better if you right click the link and download the file, but it will take about 4 hours or so to download. Not sure why it's running so slow from there, I've downloaded things before at better speeds. You can download it just be patient.
  9. Glad to hear that you have the //c up and running and are able to enjoy using it. Welcome back to the wonderful world of the Apple II.
  10. Go here: http://adtpro.sourceforge.net/ and download a copy of ADTPro and then either make yourself a cable to run between your modern computer and the GS or order one from here: http://retrofloppy.com/products.html and you'll be able to transfer Apple II disk images that you can find online, such as here: ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/ or here: http://www.whatisthe2gs.apple2.org.za/ ore here: http://macgui.com/downloads/?cat_id=53, back to real disks to run on the GS. Another option would be something like this: http://dreher.net/?s=projects/CFforAppleII&c=projects/CFforAppleII/
  11. not exactly the same but here's a one liner from a Beagle Bros add from Incider magazine from Nov 1983. 10 HGR2: FOR X=0 TO 255: POKE 228, X: HPLOT 0,0: CALL -3082: NEXT X
  12. Was reading the forums on Rich Dreher's website and he mentioned that he's planning on releasing a firmware update by the end of the year that will allow for folders on the CFFA3000! That's great as far as I'm concerned. That will allow me to take either my 2GB or 4GB flash drive and load them up with Apple II disk images to run on my GS. Thanks Rich!
  13. There are two ways that you can boot GS/OS using the CFFA3000. One is to partition the Compact Flash card and use one of the partitions for GS/OS. the other is to simply use either the CF card or a flash drive with a Hard Disk image on it with GS/OS on the hard disk image. The second one is the way I'm doing it. I've got a 2 GB flash drive with several different HD images on it, most of which contain GS/OS and depending on what I want to do determines which image I mount and boot.
  14. If I remember right Hot Rod recently posted both the front and back sides of Karateka to Asimov. I haven't tried them with the CFFA3K yet but they do run in Virtual II and Sweet 16. just my two cents worth.
  15. Glad to hear you were able to get the CFFA3K working. It is a great card. Did you also get the external switch for being able to change 5.25 disks after setting them up on the menu. That is a real help for multidisk games.
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