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  1. Thanks for all the help everyone - I found it with the meter. Trace probabbly half eaten by elctrolite from when i recapped it. Eyes are just not what they used to be. Great stuff !
  2. Thnaks for that biblit - never knew reset was done through sound ship. Same for all 68K macs ? The chip is soldered on to all pads good - pretty sure its not the connections on the chip - metered out pin to pads and closest via's while 'flexing board' , cant find any problems must be something close by after using hot air gun to remove old chip This is a nightmare you ever get that feeling that you know you are just making it worse!!
  3. I found a classic 2 board in one of my box's of bits that had died from a battery leak , and the 34119 was looking good. used it to replace the damaged one and now i have good sound again. but now there is a new random problem. if i flex the board , in any way, it causes a reset. I imagine i have a bad connection somewhere around the area of the sound chip. But a reset would point to something like power , or the clock crystal Have spent ages trying to find the bad connection, reflowing all the resistors, capacitors and chip legs i can but j
  4. Thanks for that Cheesestraws. I found a replacement 34119 from china but it only comes in lots of 5. Ill just have to wait. And with that virus that wait could be much longer. Im over due on usual shipping times from china on some other items. I can wait on that chip , those poor people have bigger concerns in China than my chip. God bless em all out there. Thanks again cheesestraws.
  5. My old classic II started making strange noises few weeks ago. Cleaned the board to no avail Got worse until sound totally died. looking at the board the chip 34119 an audio amplifier has blown. I have a TL071 chip from a dead se30 board. anyone know if the TLO71 will do as a replacement for the 34119
  6. Hi folks. Selling off my collection slowly. Got to this little oddity This is part of the haul I picked up from Cork here in Ireland from a guy that worked in the Apple plant in the 80's and 90's. This is an SE with a difference. The plastic of the front panel is perfectly smooth. It is hard to see in the pictures. But this was molded before they applied the textured finish to the mold, that we see in all other Macs. I never really looked at it when i got it. But now going through it , the first thing i noticed is the apple badge on the side. 000177e. I have all
  7. I have a dead se/30 board (in 2 halfs, thats how much that one upset me!!) - it has the same sony sound chip as the SE board. will swap the sound chip - only thing left to try
  8. pins 1 and 2 closed as they should be. looking at these little tantulam caps - they either work or explode right ? have looked a all of them with magnafying glass. I just cant see ant signs of damage anywhere. The board looks brand new!! checked both reset and interupt switches - they look good. Problem is 100% on the board - have tested other , good board in machine and sound perfect. Its not the analog board, the speaker or the jack connector. might as well swap the roms now. I dont know what else to try. swapped the roms - no change
  9. just booted to desktop again. Pressed reset. a full 10 seconds pass, mouse frozen, nothing happening, then it resets Thats how it boots from powerup. screen of junk, 10 seconds pass , then reset, memory check then boot. Thats not correct. It is supposed to reset as soon as you press the button. Or was that classics!!! Dam its hard to remember stuff from model to model. will check the jack pins now.
  10. thanks Alaska. looking at that diagram - if pins 2 ans 3 of the audio jack are shorting then the speaker would be off ? looking again - it says microphone jack - i thought that was a headphones jack have swapped all four rams from good se - now have 4 meg of ram. That link you shared in ur previous post was very helpful I didnt know that to get to 2 or 4 meg you actually remove the jumper. I was moving it from the 1 meg position to the 2/4meg position ive thought half my machines have bad rams - for Years !!! any point in switching the
  11. Already tried it Alaska. No change. will swap the rams with the working SE - might as well swap the roms as well - this has me stumped. I searched the threads , for a long time, cant find anyone else with no sound on an SE. Board is in excelent condition. I removed the battery holder to have a look under - looks clean. No acid leaks, no electrolite leaks possible dead soundchip? - dont think ive heard of that on and SE before either !! I dont like this hobby anymore !!!!!!!! hahahah
  12. Tried another working se. Swapped good logic board into machine - sound good. Sp speaker is working. Tried bad board in good se - no sound. So its not the analog board either. Still no sound. Problem is definatley on the se's logic board. Either I have leaking caps on the se logic board somewhere, or a dead sound chip. When i turn on the machine, i get a screen of random crap for about 10 to 15 seconds, then it resets itself and boots normally. That is not a normal boot for an se. Get to the desktop. Everything is good. Just no sound.
  13. Thats what i Thought Ive never had to recap one of them. I checked a few of the caps and there values are right where they are supposed to be. did find this - there are 2 of the 4 ram slots populated - banks 3 and 4 when i relocated them to 1 and 2 it wont boot at all wondering if i have dodgy memory modules - would they mess with the sound!! taking down another se - this is driving me nuts
  14. anyone?? Anyone every have to change the radial caps on an se logic board for no sound ??
  15. Hello again peoples. Took down one of my SE's. Turned it on and no sound. As far as I know the SE's sound system is all on the logic board and not the analog. Nothing from the headphones jack either. Has anyone ever had to replace the caps on an SE yet. I havnt!. Then again these machines, like myself, are not getting any younger. Perfect 5 and 12 volts present on hard drive.
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