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  1. I implemented the GetMainDevice() check, and that works great in testing so far. If that says color depth is 1, I use PATs, if more than 1, I used ppats. Thanks Crutch!
  2. I tried the ppat avenue, but I get exactly the same results when setting color computer to B/W: a solid black. (see ppat setup below). It looks to me as if whatever the conditions are for the B/W fallback, I'm not hitting them in this case, and the Mac is looking at the color I defined, and picking the nearest color (black, not white). I'm using bar-things in both the about window (which is draggable; death to Modal!) and the main window. So people can drag them between monitors. I'm not too worried about someone using this on multiple monitors. Really, someone with a multiple mon
  3. Is there an easy way to find out if someone has 2 colors available, or more? I want to use patterns for the progress bars if B/W, and colors or color patterns, if they have color. I've been doing a check for availability of color quickDraw on startup, then making various decisions based on that. I was hoping to use it for this as well, as here: // Set a PAT if B/W, or PPAT if color available if (global_app->color_qd_available_) { PenPixPat(the_status_display->ppat_handle_); } else { PenPat(*the_status_display->pat_handle_); } That works great on a
  4. Thanks Crutch. I switched to what you suggested. I didn't actually see that IM bit you posted, so thanks too for that. I've got a lot more work to do on memory management down the road a here a bit, but I want to keep writing the program as "normally" (whatever that means) as I can until I build out the functionality I want, then go back and, for the Mac version, redo the memory management were necessary. Who knows, maybe I won't need to. What's the worst that could happen?
  5. I've been using Resorcerer a bit on this project, and man, that dithering tool is awesome (once I figured out how to use it). Done and done, thanks for suggestion.
  6. Thanks for that. I didn't see reference to them in the original IM, but there was a wikipedia page that said they were supported by system 6, and the whole "rebuild the desktop" thing made me unsure if I was really seeing the final result, or if the Mac just was still using an older version of the icon. I'll do a little testing on 7.1 here at some point.
  7. Another update: Progress bars/messages! makes the waiting better. haven't done the indeterminate style rendering yet, but looks pretty straightforward Lots of little bug fixes tons more to go, sadly Better icons (but...) Does anyone know if the ics# icons were used in 6.0.x? I have them defined (see snap), but they don't seem to get used by "small icon" view, or in the multifinder menu, etc. Were those maybe a 7.0 thing?
  8. I definitely think for the most part, it's easier for us to learn these old systems now, than it was in the day: we have access to virtually unlimited books, and they are scanned and searchable. We have easy access to source code from UMich archives, and modern GitHub projects. And we can post on forums like these. But at the same time, there just isn't the same weight of developers working on them, so you don't necessarily have the chance to just walk over and ask somebody a question about font size and be able to get an answer. Can't wait to see how you do on the speed improveme
  9. I wonder if it's an emulator thing. I was using mini vMac, FWIW. I can try with the real Mac plus, but Mini vMac at 1x speed has always felt like a pretty accurate representation of the Plus, speed wise.
  10. Very cool. That looks like a lot of work for one week! I think speed is going to be an issue though. What's the likelihood of massive increases? Is it low, because it redraws the whole window every time? I tried it at 1x Mac Plus speed, and it was really too slow. 4x was much better, but I would say 8x is about there it starts to feel responsive. So I think for a target machine class, we might be talking Quadra 700+ / PPC machines? I mean, if no other improvements were made to speed.
  11. After some research and experimentation, this is the formula I came up with for comparing total memory allocated, to total in use, to free. I say "total", but it's not really the total, only the heap total. The OS is allocating some stack and A5 memory on top of that, but I didn't care about that, so I didn't bother including it in my memory usage meter. long* appl_zone = (long*)0x0118; the_about_window->heap_memory_ = (long)ApplicationZone()->bkLim - (long)*appl_zone; the_about_window->free_memory_ = (long)ApplicationZone()->zcbFree; the_about_window->used_memory_
  12. (Is there anyway to change the icon of the topic itself? I'd love to be able to change it to a question mark or something when I need help). As a reward to myself for getting the basic syncing running, I'm going to spend some time on fluff: an about box. I was casting around looking at some period about boxes for ideas on style, and noticed BBEdit had an in-app memory usage meter. Does anyone know how to do something like that? I didn't have much luck googling it (too much noise).
  13. Hit another good milestone: it was able to send/receive itself for the first time (about 120K as binhex). I've been transferring smaller files for a week or so, but 68K version was running out of memory after 15-30k of transfers. Refactored today to stop creating new data packets on the fly (allocating new objects), and instead just have a permanent out and permanent in object/space, and that seems to have done the trick.
  14. Thanks for the explanation, that made sense. Anyone have a built 68k app I could try out on the Mac Plus to see firsthand?
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