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  1. Hi, a friend of mine recently bought a Quadra 840 av on ebay. When he received the Mac, it starts up and the Chime is clearly audible. Inside MacOS there seems to be no sound and in the control panel there is no sound device listed. Do you have any idea, why he can hear the Chime, when there is no sound device available? He already tried several OS's but with no success. Blackswan
  2. Hi, I've bought a Quadra 840AV from eBay, which is in a really good shape. Unfortunately the caddy for the CD-ROM is missing. There are several caddys available at eBay but I'm not sure if there is some kind of standard or if every vendor has its own caddys. For example this one, does it fit: http://r.ebay.com/YRbbtD ? Cheers, Blackswan
  3. I now equipped my PowerMac with a Sonnet Tempo and a 32GB Sandisk SSD, installed Mac OS 9.1. Sad to say, but it didn't get any faster, HD doesn't seem to be a bottleneck. Independant from that, it so much more silent, which I do appreciate very much. :b&w: Specs Processor: PowerPC G3/400 (Sonnet Crescendo) RAM: 96 MB HDD: 32 GB SATA (Sonnet Tempo w/ SanDisk) OS: Mac OS 9.1 Are there any benchmarks to have a comparison about the speed? BTW, network speed with the built-in Ethernet is about 610KB/s, which seems to be fair enough for 10MBit (but I still have this Asante PCI 10/
  4. Done! Thank you all for your help. I still had the problem, that Apple SC HD 2.0.3 did initialize but never finished verifying the disk, but a patched version of SCHD 7.3.5 finally did it. I'm now a proud owner of a SE 1/40 with a 500MB Quantum HDD. So this machine should be called SE 1/500. Cheers, Blackswan
  5. Unfortunately Command-Option-Shift-Delete lead to the same error as above, but the unusual idea with the cable made it work. I'm initializing the disk... Blackswan
  6. I'll give it a try, although I'm wondering, why he tries to load the driver, when I'm booting from floppy. Regards
  7. Hi, my recently purchased Mac SE 1/40 has a broken HDD which I want to replace by a 500MB Quantum Fireball from a PowerMac 7200. When I boot with floppy (w/o HDD), system 6.0.8 starts without problems. When i attach the HDD (terminated, ID 4, Mac OS 9.2 installed ), a Sad Mac shows up (0x0000002, 0x00000F). If I boot from floppy with HDD attached, Mac OS 6.0.8 starts but a error occurs: Does someone have an idea, whats wrong here? Thank you for your help. Blackswan
  8. Sonnet Tempo SATA is a very good idea, as this system is still horrible slow due to HDD performance (1:45 min for power up, OFF --> Finder). The Mac is now equipped with 96 MB RAM (64, 16, 8, and 256KB 2nd level Cache. The SCSI adapter is not longer available (don't know why, maybe I removed it to test something!?) and I'm wondering, if I can find an acceptable browser for Mac OS 9.1 which is already running. IE 5 and Netscape are a nightmare. PS: The Crescendo 7200/G3 is installed and running without problems. Until I'll receive my 384 MB, the Crescendo is equipped with 64 MB.
  9. Hi all together, I just reanimated my old PowerMac 7200/75 and thought about upgrading it to the fullest. I already bought a used Sonnet Crescendo (G3/400) with 384MB RAM and by now the machine owns a FastSCSI adapter with 4GB HDD (520MB SCSI1 is standard). What I'm now thinking of, is: a faster network adapter (base configuration: 10 MBit onboard) better graphic card (base configuration: proprietary, 1MB VRAM already extended to 4MB) faster and bigger HDD (converter to newer interfaces like S-ATA?) the rght choice of the Mac OS version (probably 9.x because of driver support)
  10. Thanks for your comment on this. I already sold the broken monitor, because I was lacking tools and knowledge about the TDA1170N to repair the non-working vertical deflection of the A2M2010P. Any ideas about my RAM problem? Cheers, Blackswan
  11. Dear members, having several problems with my Apple IIe, I finally was doing a selftest. Result: RAM: F13 F12 F11 F10 F9 F8 F7 F6 My RAM looks like: On the photo you can see, that most of the RAM chips are MT4264-20. Only the chip on column 6 is a Fujitsu MB8264-20 (in a socket). Seems like this chip has been changed already. Does anyone have an idea what's wrong here? Cheers, Blackswan
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