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  1. Thank you for posting the video. If only I had a microscope. I might give this a try at some point, and if I do I'll be sure to post my results!
  2. Here's a closer look at the tear. I also picked up a spare cable today in case I need it for the repair. I am still puzzled as to if this was a result of regular use, or caused by some troubleshooting by the prior owner (display needed a capacitor replacement). All of the traces combined are barely wider than my finger, so I can't say how well a solder splice at the tear would hold up, but I suppose I don't have anything to lose!
  3. My latest acquisition is a PB 145B with a torn display cable. I saw a thread where one was repaired using a SCSI cable. Is anyone reproducing these cables, or is repair my only course of action? Anyone have a spare SCSI cable?...
  4. I haven't tapped any of them yet. My one working Conner drive (which originally didn't work) had the stick rubber bumper issue. I could hear the heads trying to seek, so I opened that one up to free it, and sure enough it works great now. My other two Conner drives have a different symptom, but I still find it interesting that they are both acting the same way.
  5. I've got a small collection of 2.5" drives here, none of which work properly. The Conner drives will spin up for a few seconds, then spin down. Then after a second or two they spin up again, and the entire process repeats. Platters look good, and the heads are not stuck. The Quantum drive won't spin up at all. I have not looked inside that one. Are there any additional troubleshooting steps that anyone has had luck with? I'm willing to try anything! I looked for a schematic for the boards but didn't have any luck.
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