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  1. Thank you for the great explanation @JDW. I love the thoughtful and expansive way you answer questions!
  2. @JDW I've got a question about the capacitor at location C6 on the SE/30's logicboard. The original is a 50v 1uF liquid electrolytic. From videos I've seen of the SE and the Classic II it appears that similar locations also has a 50v 1uF capacitor (this is a guess based upon looking at the boards; I don't have their schematics). I assume it is related to sound quality somehow as it's connected to one of the Sony sound chips on the SE/30. Why isn't a similarly rated capacitor used when replacing with a solid tantalum? Similarly, why are solid capacitors listed as replacements for C2 and C11, th
  3. I though I would report back what I found, or didn't find. So, I've given up on finding a place to recap my SE/30 in the Bay Area. I haven't found anyone with any experience recapping retro equipment after posting here, and on Reddit. I found places that would do it, but I don't want my system to be a guinea pig, else I'd try doing it myself, even though I barely know which end of a soldering iron gets plugged into the wall. I'm sure there are people here, I just didn't find the right ones. Even though I would MUCH rather not have to mail off my board, I've decided to
  4. Thank you for this answer. You are right, my expectations of the info one can obtain from the CPU are set from my experience with modern Intel, and to a lesser extent, ARM processors, and I'm used to simply cat'ing /proc/info to get what I want. My only experience with 68K processors was as a lowly user and n00b sysadmin. I know how I could get what info was available from Linux. I know nothing about making a Gestalt call, though once I read the word 'Gestalt' I recalled what it was. I failed to give Google the proper query string to get it to cough up the info I was l
  5. I purchased an '040 CPU off of eBay and would like to verify its model and stepping. In the x86 world there are multiple simple options to get CPU details with software. I've tried Google, but all the results I could generate are for OS X. Is there a 68K MacOS utility that will accurately detail the CPU model, stepping, etc? I'm hoping I won't have to resort to installing Linux on my Mac to get this info as it isn't a trivial process. Thank you for your time.
  6. This board still has a great deal of corrosion on it. A suggestion is to look into @Bolle's SE/30 logicboard replacement project, and once he is confident everything is working, simply replacing the motherboard using this corroded board as a donor. Would be more expensive, but you'd end up with something more long-lived in all likelihood.
  7. Thank you for the input. I'll keep this as a fallback if I can't find a Bay Area resource.
  8. Thank you for the suggestion. I send him a message. I really would rather find someone local. There's gotta be some decent recapper in the Bay Area. I don't want to mail it, though I wonder how much Rossmann would charge.
  9. Hello. I've got an SE/30 that has been sitting in my garage for more than 20 years. My son and I powered it up and it appears to be working fine, but I know that won't last for long given the age of the capacitors. So, I'd like to get the motherboard recapped and the Bourns filter replaced(prophylactically), but I've never soldered anything smaller than a 18AWG wire and don't fancy using this SE/30 as a guinea pig. Ideally, I'd also like to get the motherboard cleaned. Anyone have a recommendation for a service provider in the SF Bay Area?
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