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  1. So i ran out of patience and set up in the kitchen, it has a whopping 204mb of RAM and a 8.5gb HDD, so they spared no expense when upgrading this one. The G3 card sadly only runs at 195,6mhz due to the bus speed. It runs OS 9.04, but is a bit sluggish considering the specs, but has only 20mb free, so I will try to back it up and install 8.6 or even 9.22 since it has a g3 Processor. Not quite sure which is the best fit for this computer. I also tried some CDs, and though they played just fine, they got some weird sticky residue on the inside ring. Anyone have suggestions for a fix
  2. Thank you, all of these server machines seem very hard to find, I am very glad to have picked it up locally as you say. The plastics are not so bad on this one, definitively better than my 9500/200, the only casualties so far being the already missing interrupt reset buttons and the thing between the drives and PSU, luckily I was able to put that one back together. The PRAM battery did not stay long, though I was a bit surprised that it is in a different spot than my 9500s and even being able to put the battery cover back on without removing pulling out the board. I get why you would leave it
  3. I had no idea, I guess I am too used to the third slot being a ZIP drive. If it could take an 8gb tape that is quite impressive for the time, It could not be specced with any more than a 1gb hdd. I might buy one of those drive for fun, there does not seem to be much information about them, I guess they were mostly used in businesses, not by consumers. I think it is a bit hit and miss, even the computers from this business varied wildly, some were pretty good, but with a dead PSU, and some were barebone and had been affected by the exploding battery so he just salvaged the
  4. I recently picked up a Workgroup Server 8150/110 from a friend, who had trash picked it along with several other Macs outside a printing business, who were moving. It Had a ZIP drive, a super long supermac Thunder II card and a Newertech G3 upgrade. The RAM slots are fully populated, thankfully, taking out the motherboard on these does not seem fun. It did not power on and the front buttons are missing, I also got a 850 Power supply which i tried, along with my spare 9500 PSU to no success. But when i plugged the original PSU back in and tried it chimed! Sadly my office is be
  5. Thats a nice find, especially in that condition! Glad the 5300 gets some love, as all macs deserve.
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