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  1. Thanks for the responses, Update. Still cleaning the board and reflowing joints. Two things still bother me. 1 Floppy drive has power and spins when I put a disk in. But never shows up on the desktop. 2 No sound at all, ever.
  2. So I have recapped the analog board, This fixed the random reboot problem. Seems to function better over all. Still no HDD or Floppy drive show up on the desktop. Boots fine every time now, but only from the ROM boot. I'm thinking this is a controller problem on the logic board. What chip is the disk controller?
  3. Thanks for the reply Caps on analog board look good, I will cap it next weekend to be sure. I do not have the correct values here now. Pictures attached I know the battery section needs work yet. Parts on order. Any other ideas?
  4. I'm just going to list what I have done and symptoms. Checkerboard screen Replaced caps on logic board cleaned logic board- as best i could Reflow some joints Verify 5 and 12 volts within range At this point I got rid of the checkerboard screen, Now Will not boot from hard drive Will not boot from floppy Will boot from on board rom by pressing the 4 keys Never hear any audio, at any point through any process When booted from rom it will not see either drive HD Spins up and sounds normal Floppy
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