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  1. So, I didn't have an actual terminator, so I picked one up the other day and hooked it up. The HDD is on ID 0. The CD drive is on ID 6. Once I connected everything up, the Mac still didn't boot, ZIP or no ZIP. I found the LC is struggling to boot even with the drive alone, so when it booted, I ran a test using Lido 7, at which point, around the end, the program failed after a SCSI Sense Key 11 error, which I don't know what means. It crashed a minute later with an empty box with the "OK" button, and would not respond. With a force reboot, it would not start again. It will not boot from the ZIP
  2. Hello! I recently found an old Toshiba XM-3301B and a random SCSI enclosure. They don't fit together properly, but it's enough for me to work with until I can get an old Apple CD SC or something. When I connect the drive to my recapped LC, nothing works. I'm passing it through my ZIP drive, which I set to ID 5 with no termination. It'll try booting but fail and flash the question mark floppy. If I reactivate the terminator on the ZIP drive, which is how I normally use it, it will boot from the ZIP, but not the internal HDD. If I load Lido 7 at this point, it sees the CD drive or SCSI ID 6 and
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