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  1. According to the manual, the data rate on the USA-28x maxes out at 1Mbit/s. FreePPP's modems configuration panel tops the data rate at 230kbps (which is interesting, as Low End Mac's entry for the Duo claims the limit is 56kbps). My next goal is to get the Duo into the wireless age with a pair of RS-422 to Bluetooth transceivers. (At $199/unit, maybe not soon...)
  2. I'm using the KeySpan USA-28X. Got it years ago for transferring text files from a Tandy TRS-80 Model 102 to a G4 iMac.
  3. I'm not familiar with how Phonenet works, so I don't know. My gut says it wouldn't work because we'd need mutple PPP daemons running, and only one daemon can run on a given serial port at any time -- where the real "1 to 1" relationship begins. But, hey, I almost wrote off my project thinking Apple had crippled pppd in OS X. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! If you try it, do let us know!
  4. Hold on a second, fellas! I don't think this should have been moved to the Powerbooks forum. Did you read it? This solution works with any old world Mac that has a serial port. The only thing Powerbookie about it is my personal experience. I'd hope this solution would be available to all users of 68k Macs!
  5. Faced with the dilemma of how to get files between my little Powerbook Duo 280 and Intel iMac and, better yet, getting her on the Internet, I took to the grand oracle Google for enlightenment. What I found were solutions requiring hardware and software I didn't have access to. My only tools: a KeySpan USB to Serial adaptor, serial cable, and telecom software on both ends. That would be fine for the short term, and sending files to and fro via Zmodem sure brought back memories. But I wanted something a little more elegant. OS X doesn't support AppleShare over AppleTalk on LocalTalk, s
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