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  1. I just picked up something similar for DAV cable testing purposes, have yet to ID the attached PDS card. Anyone know what the card might be? https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/x763416017?lang=ja
  2. Thanks, I will definitely report back with results. The Avid Magma is currently undergoing a total overhaul to reduce noise, so I'm changing the PSU out, swapping cooling fans to Arctic F8's, and adding sound dampening material to the exposed metal all around the inside of the chassis while waiting for a K6-III-400 super socket 7 upgrade to arrive from Japan for the OrangePC 550. Powering the Magma on for the first time it sounded like a jet engine. Very relieved to see that you can swap in a modern / quiet ATX power supply and now it's nearly silent.
  3. Thanks for the information. I bought a cocktail of upgrades based on some recent research into what would be possible on my single PCI slot 5500/275 to see how much I can max it out as an all in one PC / Mac / Console (S-Video input) battlestation. I've decided to bypass the 7" PCI card size and single PCI slot limitation by adding an AVID Magma 7-slot PCI expander for pro video / audio use. This adds 7 more PCI slots in a rack mountable box which I can put in the audio rack under my desk while the 5500 all in one is up top. Hopefully the PCI cable is long enough to reach the top 4
  4. Great post. I'm thinking about putting an OrangePC 530 into the PCI slot on my 5500/275 so I can play some Win95/98 Ys imports I have from Japan. What kind of gaming performance could I expect out of this setup? Is Win98 possible? I'm guessing GPU acceleration is out of the question until you get into the 12" x86 cards like the OrangePC 550...
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