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  1. She's beautiful and Im very jealous Congrats!!
  2. Well, I hadn't had the computer for long and my knee jerk was that it had something to do with memory, especially considering it would happen when a heavier task would occur. But you are correct, I should have stated that I was using something like that to help in troubleshooting.
  3. Ok, it seems to be something with the adb to usb adapter Im using. If I unplug that then plug it back in, everything seems to work fine again.
  4. Really appreciate the information! Thank you!
  5. Hey all, is there such thing as 30 pin simm, 120ns ram above 1mb? I have found some above but theyre around 60-70ns, would this work in the SE/30? Also, whats the best manufacturer or vendor for grabbing ram? Im not sure if Ill get it right away (at 8mb currently) but down the road I would like to upgrade to 32-64mb, 128mb just seems so crazy high, not sure what I would do with all that space haha. As a side note, I plan to be doing some very light web browsing and potentially some C development.
  6. @fstark I gotta second @Byrd, this looks really awesome! Looking forward to seeing some more and interested in the process wondering how I maybe able to do this myself with videos that I may have.
  7. Hey all, so Ive noticed when Ive done certain actions like loading some headers in Think C 5 or playing civilization my mouse gets extremely laggy and slow to move. It looks like a slide show. I have 8mb of ram, is that maybe the issue? Also, even after closing either program the mouse still has the laggy symptom, even after a restart. If I unplug the SE/30 then power it back on it works fine. Thanks!
  8. Finally got my SE/30 up and running and am now sitting here realizing I don't even know what programs I want to run first! I have some ideas but thought it would be fun to see what everyone else is running on their compacts :)
  9. Jeez, we're living in the future now aren't we! If I saw this when I was a kid I'd lose my mind.
  10. I know you said you'd prefer not shipping it but if you did I just worked with https://amigaofrochester.com/ and I would highly recommend him. Really nice, knowledgable guy and reasonable pricing.
  11. Java on a machine that came out 5 years prior to its introduction sounds kinda wild haha, Ill have to write that one down. Im experimenting on basilisk while I wait for my SE/30 and keep having issues with stuffit and shrinkwrap Also, using a usb floppy to transfer things so that I know I can eventually move them over later to the SE/30.
  12. @cannfoddr Could you describe the amounts you used for water to hyrdogen peroxide ratios or just how much you used? Also, I hadn't seen the use of a water heater before? Did you use a clear wrap on the top or no? Also, did you move the pieces around during the day or just leave them like pictured? It looks great and is really making me want to take the chance at doing it just want to make sure I do it properly Thanks!
  13. I had never tried Basic before, maybe I'll look into that as well This is all good stuff! I'll try updating once I get my SE/30 together in a few weeks and can have sometime to experiment I also did a little reading and it looks like Think C was a decent compiler for C, and that Macintosh Programmers Workshop was the top of the line IDE. There are some other lighter weight ones that I may look into as well because MPW apparently is pretty big (something like 40mb+!)
  14. Awesome information, that book link is gold! Thank you @Frobozz Also, I was doing some googling and came across this site: http://code68k.extropicstudios.com/
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