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  1. Got it. Yeah this is actually for an SE that I've put an SE/30 motherboard into and want to fill the top FDHD slot cleanly. If I can find the original insert, I'll try to replicate it in 3D and upload the STL for everyone to be able to print.
  2. Does anyone know where to source the floppy insert plastic piece on the SE and SE/30 machines? I'd like to cover the floppy gap since I've replaced it with a scsi2sd. I'm surprised I haven't found a 3D printable model for this part..
  3. I did the same a few weeks ago You'll have to source via ebay or used markets but CRTs from Mac 128K, 512K, Plus and SE will work on the SE/30.
  4. Thanks for that @beachycove. Between JDWs video and Branchus Creations tutorial, I may have a chance at fixing the thing. I've got the drive apart and cleaned and will get some lithium grease tomorrow to put it back together to see what happens.
  5. Hi folks, I have a 1.44MB Sony floppy from a SE/30 which isn't working correctly. The head doesn't seem to come down low enough once a disk is inserted to actually touch the disk and perform any reads/writes. Any ideas on how to fix this? Without a floppy inserted, the head seems to sit higher than normal? With floppy inserted, the head doesn't reach the floppy:
  6. The Date & Time control panel on this machine does not work correctly at all. If I try advancing the month, it'll only show 3-4 months out of 12 sometimes. I'll change the year, month, day and as soon as I click over to fix the time - the date goes back whatever it was before I fixed. The time setting in the control panel is similarly buggy. That's not a good sign is it..
  7. The RTC chip on the motherboard looks reasonable enough, as far reasonable looking chips go?
  8. Unfortunately TattleTech 2.1.7 on this Mac is not showing any PRAM entry in the dropdown. I've also used the Find feature and searched for PRAM, RTC and Clock to no avail.
  9. Not sure what to look for in TattleTech readout, I don't see anything directly mentioning PRAM or RTC. Screencaps of TattleTech possible relevant parts attached.
  10. While I've installed a fresh battery, I actually don't know if the PRAM/RTC chip works or not. Is there an easy way to test?
  11. * Tried Lido, still no go. * Tried SCSI2SD with working boot up partitions (6.0.8 and 7.x) that work on other machines, still no go. * Tried holding down D, nope. * Tried Cmd-Opt-Shift-Del-0, nope (but whoa, that's super neat, learned something new!) * Installed brand new battery, still no go. Only booting from Floppy Emu works, SCSI drive is seen but can't be booted from. I'm tempted to send this motherboard to Steve aka Mac84 for testing and repair..
  12. Thanks for the replies folks. * The drive is only 320GB so the partition is definitely under 1GB * I've used different versions of HD SC Setup to update the driver (7.0, 7.1, etc.) and it updates succesfully, no boot still on the SE/30. Boots fine on IIcx. * Have not tried Lido yet, will try that today.
  13. Hi folks, I've got a strange problem with an SE/30 and its internal SCSI drive. I know that the SCSI drive works because it's able to boot my IIcx wonderfully. The same drive doesn't boot the SE/30 at all. I'm currently booting up the machine with the BMOW Floppy Emu using the System 7 Disk Utils image. The HD SC Setup will see the internal SCSI HD and allow me to update it, partition it, format it, etc. If I partition+format the drive then it'll automatically mount the drive on the SE/30 as well. I can write to the drive at that point, but the moment I reboot the drive is gone and I can't mou
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