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  1. Interesting, thanks guys. Also, I have tried doing a bit of digging, but I can't find the difference between the "thunder' cards, and the "spectrum" cards. I have 3 different versions of thunder and spectrum cards, and visually, they don't seem different.
  2. Just another quick question on the Thunder/24 cards - do they need additional drivers under 7.6.1 to run, or does the OS support them natively?
  3. Hello everyone, I recently acquired a Digital Audio Power Mac G4 and I am thinking about upgrades! It has the stock video card - just wondering what my max upgrade options are? I know they are a bit more limited on the OS9 side - it would be interesting to know your thoughts on max options for OS9 and OSX Tiger.
  4. Also, in terms of SATA SSDs are there any drives that work better than others?
  5. I’ll give it a spin, thanks! I’d been looking at the MSATA types, so that makes more sense in a desktop
  6. I ended up buying a G4 (733 Digital Audio) the other night on eBay - really nice machine, but the spinning drives sound like they might be on the way out. Can anybody recommend a IDE to SATA adaptor that will fit in the G4? All the ones on eBay/Amazon seem to be for 2.5” laptop sized, and not 3.5 for desktop. Are the connectors a different size? Any recommendations (in terms of comparability, etc) greatly appreciated!
  7. really interesting, thanks for this!
  8. Very interesting guys, thanks for that. I might be inclined to sell them on at some point then, as I don't think I'll be running two monitors on the quadra and I am sure someone else can make better use of them.
  9. Hi there, I have a SuperMac Thunder/24 card that I acquired many years back from a design studio that was skipping loads of old macs. Needless to say, I pulled them all out, and fixed them up as good as I could at the time, and sold/gave them to people so they would live on! I still have a few bits and bobs left, and it has been a bit of a lock down project to get them all working. I have one or two of these Thunder/24 cars, with ROMv2. I've not really been able to find much about them online - would you guys be able to share any info on what these cards are useful for? I have
  10. ah ok, that explains quite a bit. So, not that useful these days?!
  11. Ok, excellent thanks. And I assume, if I find the drivers, I can drop them on to the image if they are not bundled as standard? I've included a picture of the card if anyone has any ideas what it is! I know its a SCII RNIS card, but I can't find anything on the internet about drivers, etc. Would be great if they are included in the OS as a default.
  12. Thanks for this, really helpful. I actually have a NuBus ethernet card, but its not an Apple one, and it doesn't have any markings on it. I have been unable to find out which one it is, and therefore which drivers it might need. I will keep a look out for the AAUI adaptors though. i used to have loads back in the day, but they are long gone now sadly.
  13. Hopfenholz, that would be amazing, thank you so much. By bracket, I mean the metal bracket that attaches to the floppy drive and then clips into the ‘large plastic object’! And thanks to everyone else who replied, really appreciated. Very interesting about the network install, I didn't realise this was possible. I will obviously also have to find an AAUI-15 adaptor to get on to my home network. I had a quick search on here for a topic on installing over the network but couldn't find anything - is there a guide somewhere?
  14. Hi there, I acquired a Quadra 700 many years back, and it has just sat in the attic for many years. Recently, I have attempted to boot it up, and while the hard drive has bitten the dust, the machine does get to the "Mac ? disk" screen. I have managed to find a working hard drive to go in it, and I have bought a new floppy drive (the old one was missing) but I don't have either of the mounting brackets to secure it in the machine. Does anyone know which part number these mounting brackets are or a way of mounting them in the machine without them? I have had a look on ebay (and
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