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  1. as old tape drives go nowadays, a 40/80GB DLT or 20/40GB DDS4 DAT drive in an external box are easily found for $50ish or less and sealed old stock media is pretty cheap and common. these are probably still a more viable way of backing a system running an old OS up because SCSI is faster than ethernet in it. you can then free up a nubus slot for something else and use the onboard AAUI for old multiplayer games or getting on the internet. it's also simply more fun in my opinion. the compression algorithm for tape formats varies and I can't recall exactly which
  2. Neat. I kinda wish this could be used as a coprocessor somehow, it'd make sense to write software capable of it if so. The thing seems to be a whole computer on a card.
  3. no idea what this is. some sort of video conferencing board, I guess? seems pretty overcomplicated having a whole 68EC030 25MHz CPU on it, which is faster clocked than the dead mac II I pulled this out of...
  4. more nubus cards: 8-bit rasterops rasterops 8XL supermac spectrum 24 Micron xceed IIci 128K cache card apple 8/24 card rasterops colorboard 364, with composite / s-video capture farallon ethernet card, think this one is fast ethernet
  5. I actually find these ones to be worse a lot of the time. reasoning: computer hardware is engineered in a very complicated manner and a lot of factors get considered. two big ones are humidity and temperature. this is one of the reasons why so many of the macs of these eras are falling apart, when they get stored and put away, the places they get put are often cold and humid (basement, outdoor shed, etc) or hot and dry (next to a furnace or water heater in a storage area, shed). they aren't engineered to withstand seasons. apple computers seem to be even more susceptible to this, beyond the br
  6. that isn't a zip drive, it's a DAT drive, probably DDS-2 4/8GB capacity
  7. Got the ebay IIci in. thing had the best packing job I've ever seen for a computer, hahaha. the packaging must have cost them about $7. 3" thick foam sheets on all sides and new box. as expected, this board is FUBAR this seems fine though, 33MHz, looks like it has cache too, guessing 128K this also seems fine, bit of corrosion along the edges but nothing that ate away the solder mask or legs/traces so, the battery leaked, and this SIMM caught and pooled all of it, saving everything else includin
  8. just 20MB, though the 30 pin 16MB SIMMs seem to be pretty common now
  9. eyyyy quadra 700 that works straight up with no battery damage I like these as they never need a recap
  10. LC 575 logic board, in need of the typical recap. the caps by the audio chip have leaked and there's some corrosion on the legs, though the traces/vias seem fine
  11. guess that village tronic card is a macpicasso 320, purportedly somehow worse than a toby card despite having a cirrus CL-GD5436 PCI chip on it, haha.
  12. I'm a part-time ebay scumbag but tend to like selling things off of there at lower rates when possible not sure which items of this will go into my collection versus going there other than the radius rocket remaining with me as I have no inclination to pay 500 bucks for one online
  13. no worries there's a mint quadra 950, quadra 700 (with the feet!!!) and SE/30 in my car to bring in yet
  14. it does not, sadly PCB 0002-0497-01 02715 4070610 on a barcode card's 1993 dated and uses a PLCC flash instead of DIP ROM so it must be among the last of their cards, anyway I have a paintboard Li here that will likely never be used, for sale at some point
  15. I kind of wonder if the DC-37 connector on it will also let it work as an external floppy with a PC ISA card using that, if the pinout is the same it should technically work, being a PC drive and all (I'd potentially use it with a microchannel PC, but I can probably get the real external IBM floppy using the same cable anyways)
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