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  1. That's excellent news, thank you! It'll always be hard to put the Apple books into one category. Here are a few ideas: Add a page structured like the Apple technical documentation roadmap Add the ISBN to the listing, as that helps separate the many similar titles for humans and search engines Ask the community to write a one-paragraph summary of each book (not a review, but listing key topics or systems covered) I've only been a member of the 68K MLA for six weeks, but it's been a great experience, like the best Internet forums of old.
  2. Hello, The Technical Introduction to the Macintosh Family is the starting point for Mac tech documentation (see link to previous thread at the end of this post). The second edition was released in 1992 and covered Macs of the early 90s, including Mac IIci and IIsi, Quadra 700/950, and PowerBooks 1xx. It even includes a chapter on A/UX! I'd love to have a copy and think it would be helpful to many on this forum. However, I've not been able to find a PDF of the second edition anywhere: neither https://www.vintageapple.org nor https://archive.org have it. Does
  3. The card should arrive on Monday 19th April or thereabouts. I'll let you know if it fits and post pictures. If it does fit, I'll be dusting off some TCP documentation for System 6.
  4. Hello, I have recently acquired a PDS to NuBus adapter (Apple part 820-0305-01) for my Mac IIsi. With the Nubus adapter successfully installed, I’m looking for an Ethernet card. Are regular NuBus Ethernet cards compatible, or are there any special requirements for a IIsi? For example, the Asante MacCon3 NB seems to be relatively common, but doesn’t list IIsi as compatible on the box. I’m hoping this is just because a PDS to NuBus adapter is required. Assuming the MacCon3 NB is compatible, is any driver required for System 6 or 7? My understanding is the
  5. To the best of my knowledge, neither Macintosh IIs nor SE/30 support Apple’s RAM disk. However, you might have luck with Maxima: https://tidbits.com/1994/06/06/twice-the-maxima/ Though I’ve never tried Maxima myself. PS. For anyone have trouble with RAM disk on a Quadra 900 or 950: https://support.apple.com/kb/TA30035
  6. Thanks for the warning. I’ve seen similar issues with ram before, where a 32MB SIMM turns out to be a 2x16MB kit on closer inspection. You were unlucky that you couldn’t see the memory sticks themselves on eBay. If individual 512KB VRAM SIMMs go for $40, then I’d say there was at least a small market for making new ones from memory ICs.
  7. I recently acquired a Performa 475, but have been at a loss to find 512K VRAM SIMMs for 16-bit colour at 640x480. Photoshop with 256 colours just isn’t the same. I would definitely be interested in a couple of VRAM SIMMs if they can be made.
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