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  1. I have a UV lamp and can move this indoors. Might as well give that a try?
  2. I've done one Mac before and I found that once you bleach them enough everything goes to a single shade. This one needs more soaking. It's about halfway done.
  3. Before and after. One bottle of "volume 40" hair peroxide is too little. Not a lot of sunshine either and air temps in the 50°F/10°C range. Looks about half way there. Back into the tank. More peroxide coming tomorrow.
  4. Nice find! I got fleeced. Dang Tractor Supply! Plus I did the impulse buy at the register. Who can say no to 50 pounds of llama feed? Delish!
  5. Doh! I'm new to this. I bleached an SE that turned out great but I brushed on the creme bleach on that one so the logo and feet were married off. I'll go pop the logo and feet off the SE/30 now. Thanks for the reminder!
  6. I got this tub at Tractor Supply. It's the perfect size for an SE or SE/30. I filled a windshield washer fluid container with water and gravel so it displaces water and weighs down the Mac and then jammed that inside the Mac body and put the front bezel on. The Mac then went upside down into the container and I filled it with water and liquid peroxide hair bleach #40. The liquid juuust covers the feet. Perfect fit. Now I'm just waiting for the results. The container is clear but it's late so I'm not sure it'll get much sunshine.
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