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  1. Okay - where can I get one Sonnet G3 Cache Module? Or a 512kB Cache Module?
  2. The TAM works again - just got a few minutes and I removed the Cache module and it started immediately from the internal disk that I thought was defective. Maybe all the problems this machine had in the last years was just a broken Cache module? I´ll see - for testing I do not put it back into the machine. Bye, eweri P.S. I put the module back in and the same problem - looks that this is definitely a damaged cache module - maybe this module was bogus from day one, because I got this TAM from a customer who told me that this machine NEVER worked well, crushed often and so the T
  3. Hi Byrd! It last for two or three days. Than I opened the TAM and used compressed air do remove any dust, I clean the contacts of the Cache module and the RAM module with alcohol. When I put back everything and tried to restart, the TAM makes the startup sound and thats all the display stays dark, no sound from the disk that the TAM is booting (connected an external SCSI hard drive). Had no time to look any further ... Bye, eweri
  4. Okay.... Well last week I started my TAM and got a strange noise from the disk and it does not boot. So I thought the disk is gone, Byrd was right. I throw the old disk away and put another 10GB disk into the TAM. I setup two partitions, the first one was about 1GB and it is for the system, the second one is for data. After I setup everything I copied the system from an external disk to the first partition and rebooted. The TAM booted and everything looks fine ... until yesterday. Yesterday I switch it on and .... got to the little Macintosh thats all. Same error as before So
  5. Hello! I had the problem that my Classic with MacTCP 2.1 and System 7.1 crashed as soon as I tried to use MacTCPWatcher and ping it self or another computer. But ping from another computer worked as soon as I started a Browser or other programs that uses TCP/IP. If you use MacTCPWatcher don't try ping try dns lookups that worked for me. Bye, eweri
  6. think if've got it I just reflow the connector pins without success, but than I reflow two smd-resistors between the simm-slot and the mounted memory and voila - the Classics boots up. I can now shake the memory board but the Classic does not crash. At the moment it is running for about half an hour - still no problem Bye, eweri
  7. Well, If i put some pressure at the top edge of the memory board toward the analog board - it works (do not know for how long). I took some paper and pressed it between the board and the metal frame - this way I put some pressure at the lower third of the board towards the analog board - this worked for 1 hour and than the Classic crashed again. So everything looks like a bad solder point. But I still think the connector causes the problem. Bye, eweri
  8. Hm, I looked at the simm slots but I can not see any problem - I cleaned the ximm slots connectors and the SIMM modules. I try to re-flow the first simm socket - I am going to report later. Bye, eweri
  9. So I am not alone Well, I think it is a problem of the connector. I tried to clean the pins, I took my multimeter and tried to find bad connections between the main board and the memory board but nothing. I knocked on every solder point, as long as I put some pressure at the top edge towards the analog board 4MB works. I think the connector lost its strength and now makes bad connections. Bye, a little helpless, eweri
  10. Hello uniserver! As I wrote it - I've already done the recap and cleaning of the board. Before the recap the Classic crashed immediately - after the recap it runs with 2MB RAM stable. It only crashes with 4MB RAM after some time. Bye, eweri
  11. the Classic just crashed again after running about 1 hour DarkSide I looked at the memory board, but I could not find a suspicious solder joint. Bye, eweri
  12. Hello! I have a Macintosh Classic here with a memory problem. About 2 years ago the Classic worked without a problem with 4MB RAM. About 1 year ago it started that after a few minutes the Classic crashes. About 6 weeks ago I tried to start the Classic again and it crashed immediately. Because that I found this forum I recaped the Classic and it booted again but after a few minutes it crashes again. A reboot leads to a crash. I switched off the classic and after a few hours it started again with a crash after a few minutes. So I started searching: if I switch off the extra 2MB of
  13. Okay i try to be as exact as possible: 1. @applefreak: System does not matter - happens with 8.6 and 9.2.2 (I do not have the original install media ) 2. @Trash80toHP_mini: As I mention in my post I can only recover from this error by reformating (initializing) the hd 3. @Byrd: It does not matter how much time it takes between startups, for example I shutdown the TAM in the evening when I come back in the morning I switch it on it hangs at startup. Or sometimes when I am playing around with the TAM I reboot it and all of a sudden it got hung in the boot screen - but only after a few succe
  14. Hello! I have a TAM with a strange problem: It works perfectly, boots up as expected everything is fine but only for about 6-15 reboots. After that the TAM got hung in the boot process with the little colored mac (no extension loaded at that point) I can boot with the CD or external SCSI drive but not with the internal ATA-Drive. I tried with disk first aid, Norton Disk Doctor and every other thing but nothing solved the problem. The only solution i found was to copy the internal disk to an external disk - initialize the internal hd and copy everything back to the internal hd. This l
  15. my TAM did the same. I cleaned the connectors inside the subwoofer and the buzz was gone - for a few weeks I removed the connectors and soldered it - now the buzz is gone for four or three years and still counting Bye, eweri
  16. Well - if you replaced every replaceable part with a known good one. Then the fault has to be in the non replaceable parts - the main board. My guess: the processor or cache is damaged. AFAIK every system starts up with caches disabled and at some point in the boot process the operating system activates the caches. So if the system boots and crashes right after that, i guess it is the cpu/cache If you are in luck it is a bad solder point and it could be repaired easily. Try to put some pressure at the cpu or other chips at the main board and try to boot. You can also try ice-spray
  17. Wow - looks really good Looks like the termination resistors of the drive have been bent, right? I wonder if it starts up when you put all things together. Bye, eweri
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