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  1. Hi, yesterday I had a little bit of time and started to remove chips and clean the bombed area of the logic board. I was able to remove nearly all of the stuck legs of the through-holes, there's only the left leg of C5 remaining. This is how it looks now. I'll remove the broken I/O shield ASAP, it looks awful. Later today I'll check PSU voltages and keep you updated. I'm now waiting for U2B and U4B to arrive and continue trying to get it to show something on the screen.
  2. This weekend I'll try to desolder all the chips that look funky then. Thank you for your tips!
  3. This'll be useful. One question, how did you clean up the solder on all the through-holes that were cut? I have some through-holes I can't remove the solder and part of the leg that's inside.
  4. Will do when I place my order on Mouser - last time I bought passives on my local electronics store they were ridicously expensive. I'll stock on everything I may need online. Yeah, i'll desolder the SCC too and swap it out if necessary. It looks like it has some crud under the 3 first pins, so at least I'm going to remove it, clean it, install a socket and test it. I'll keep you all posted when I can continue with the restoration, hope i can bring back another SE to life!
  5. That's a great idea! Yes, i do have a multimeter. I'll check if current voltages look right. Thanks! If it's broken, I may put a WTB post here, asking for a SE or SE/30 logic board. I'd prefer mantaining the machine in it's original state, but the speed and upgradeability of an SE/30 board are also a thing to consider. And if it was broken I'd buy the SE reproduction to try to put a working SE by myself, that'll be fun! I'm 99% sure my case has the PDS slot, so it is possible. Did not know Mouser had a warehouse in Barcelona! I'll buy all the r
  6. Yes! Back in the day, the screen showed a checkerboard pattern. Now, it shows a black screen. I hear floppy and hard drive activity, the fan spins up, but there's no video. I guess something is now dead on the LB since these machines I believe need some form of logic board input to power on the CRT. I believe the CRT works though, because when I power off the machine, a vertical white line briefly flashes in the center of the screen, so the CRT works but does not display an image. Tried manipulating the potentiometers on the analog board, same behavior the only difference
  7. Hi, I'm SirAzazel and i'm new to the 68kmla community. I've always had interest in retro computing and consoles, but in the last year I've grown interest in vintage Apple technology, and bought for very cheap and fully recapped the logic board of an eMac to fix constant freezes of the machine, got for free a Quicksilver, G5 2Ghz DP and a Cinema Display, cleaned them, and repaired the Quicksilver video card. When I was younger I was given this fully functional SE FDHD, and somewhere between 2016-2017 the Maxell battery exploded. I cleaned as best as I could the motherboard, but i di
  8. Just bought a 5€ GeForce 4 w/ ADC for my Quicksilver on a spanish listings app, because I wanted to use my Cinema Display and the original Radeon 9600 hasn't got an ADC connector, and it was local and a great offer. It appears to be a little bit toasted because at roughly 1-2 minutes of being powered on artifacts started appearing on the screen. They always were on the same spot. On closer inspection of the card, I've seen a little bit of capacitor leakage from one surface mount. I cleaned it and tested it, no luck. I'm thinking of recapping all the caps on the card to
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