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  1. @landoGriffin if you still have an adapter board to convert a standard ATX power supply to 840av I'd be happy to purchase. Cheers. Sorry for the slow reply.. I wanted to see if the 840av motherboard actually worked (it does), tested it with a 7200 ... although the powersupply out of the 7200 is totally different shape to the one in the 840av powersupply.. sigh.. otherwise I'd probably just use that one.
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone. @demik Thanks for the tip I fear I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this one, I bought the machine feeling nostalgic.. oh well.. oh well, I'll take it as a learning journey. Those schematics in the pdf are detailed, thanks! They will come in handy, but as I'm a noob it may take a while to navigate them. I noticed C385 has been ripped right off the motherboard, so I'll need to replace it as a start. The case came in rightful crap state.. I'm not daring enough to use the power supply that came with it. Time to fin
  3. Hi Everyone, Just wondering if someone has high resolution pictures of the 840av motherboard, where individual traces can be distinguished. I bought a broken 840av with acid damage and would like to attempt to fix it. Thank you
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