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  1. @Toni_ I know the MACE sources are not public, but since I am an SDL2 developer (I am in charge of the KMSDRM backend, which is a GREAT way to run MACE! No X11!), could I get private access to the code so I can try to build it for Pi Aarch64 on SDL2/KMSRM? Maybe I can help investigating these audio issues. Well, another couple of eyes can't be bad :)


    What MACE does is a personal dream of mine: running Mac OS apps natively on GNU/Linux without X11, on something affordable as the Pi, is a dream come true, really. I would very happy to build, test and help in the realization of the dream.


    I did the RetroGuru ports to SDL2, too, via private access to their code.


    I have also been a "private" tester for ADFFS for years, and I never, ever filtered anything, and did hundreds of hours of testing and reports. I have no commercial interests anywhere (I don't work with computers, my FOSS developments are self-motivated ONLY).

  2. Hello @Toni_!


    I just registered this forum because of your project. MACE seems awesome!

    Did you know there's something similar to MACE for running Acorn Archimedes software on Risc OS on modern systems?


    I believe MACE does the same for MAC software (ie, reimplementing parts of the OS so apps run "natively" on the host system), right?


    I am eagerly wanting to try MACE, but I am a GNU/Linux user and I can't see any Linux binaries to try.

    MACE would be better without X11, directly accessing the framebuffer via the KMS/DRM infraestructure: SDL2 has a very nice KMSDRM backend, so... if you port MACE to SDL2, you can run MAC apps without X11, in a very lightweight enviroment.


    So, what does MACE run on? Does it run on SDL2 for platform-abstraction?

    Also, I would LOVE to have it running on aarch64 :)

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