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  1. @Toni_ I know the MACE sources are not public, but since I am an SDL2 developer (I am in charge of the KMSDRM backend, which is a GREAT way to run MACE! No X11!), could I get private access to the code so I can try to build it for Pi Aarch64 on SDL2/KMSRM? Maybe I can help investigating these audio issues. Well, another couple of eyes can't be bad What MACE does is a personal dream of mine: running Mac OS apps natively on GNU/Linux without X11, on something affordable as the Pi, is a dream come true, really. I would very happy to build, test and help in the realization of the drea
  2. Hello @Toni_! I just registered this forum because of your project. MACE seems awesome! Did you know there's something similar to MACE for running Acorn Archimedes software on Risc OS on modern systems? https://forums.jaspp.org.uk/forum/index.php I believe MACE does the same for MAC software (ie, reimplementing parts of the OS so apps run "natively" on the host system), right? I am eagerly wanting to try MACE, but I am a GNU/Linux user and I can't see any Linux binaries to try. MACE would be better without X11, directly accessing the framebuffer via
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