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  1. I got Mulberry working under MacOS 9.2.2 on a G4 with gmail. Then I tried it again a couple of weeks later and it didn't work. Now I can't get it to work but I haven't had much time to play with it recently as I'm building a Hackintosh Intel i7 8 core in a Quadra 700 case so that's taking all my time up
  2. The cable for this monitor actually comes off the screen, and is standard VGA at the monitor end, meaning you could also just remove the cable and plug in a standard VGA cable to use it with other systems.
  3. I would love to but I'm probably a computer science degree or two short...
  4. I was just thinking how much of a ball ache it is to get old Macs talking to each other, not because LocalTalk doesn't work really well, just because of the practicality of stringing cable everywhere (and finding LocalTalk adapters). What would be amazing would be a gadget I could plug into my printer/modem port that took the LocalTalk signal and joined my wi-fi network, and posted the serial data "over" the wireless TCP/IP connection and then the same gadget on the other end could convert it back into LocalTalk. Would such a thing even be possible? Joel
  5. I have one of these great adapters and it's brilliant, it converts the SCA connector on a modern SCSI hard disk to the 50-pin one found inside most Macs with an internal SCSI bus. My question is, if I use this adapter to connect my SCA drive to the 50-pin connector on my Adaptec 2940 Fast & Wide SCSI card, will I get the benefit of faster speeds that this drive is capable of providing? I connected the drive (an HP 10K rpm 72GB SCA drive) to my beige G3 using the SCA adapter and the internal SCSI bus, it benchmarks at only 5MB/sec. I'm hoping to get much faster perf
  6. the really weird part is that my quicksilver has had its logic board replaced by a Digital Audio logic board, but with the Quicksilver dual 800MHz G4 card in it. Luckily I have just scored a correct logic board from Ebay for £10 delivered!
  7. Snagged a very nice condition dual G5 2GHz with 2GB RAM and Radeon 9600 for £65. When I got there the seller also had a Sawtooth 500MHz and a Quicksilver 800MHz which I took off his hands for £40 each. All in perfect working order. My wife wants to know what I'm going to do with them... any ideas?!
  8. Well done - always a very satisfying procedure. Can I ask what you are going to use the card for in your G5, given you are limited to Mac OS X? Do you do a lot of gaming on the G5?
  9. I have the bracket and am happy to let you have it - are you in the UK?
  10. I agree. In classic Mac systems there is no need to worry about invisible files, a simple Finder copy will copy *everything*. The only thing you have to worry about is system folder blessing and you can always reinstall the system anyway. The advantage of doing a simple Finder copy is that if it fails, you can pick up from where it got to unlike a dd type process.
  11. OK cool... can't believe I didn't spot that it was AGP!
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-64MB-ATI-Radeon-7000-35-FC28-G0-03-VGA-TV-Out-Graphics-Card-Unit-/284053512063?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 @Paulie already plotting upgrades and I haven’t even picked it up yet Cheers, Joel
  13. Great find. Do love these. They make a very nice macOS 9 machine with a bit of hacking around
  14. Are you sure? I have bought one of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114657834239?ViewItem=&item=114657834239 as a drop-in replacement for a PowerBook G4 12" - taking the resolution from 1024x768 up to 1440x900. Should be a great upgrade. I haven't installed it yet but plenty of guys on the net have done so successfully. I'm sure there will be a 17" panel to suit, maybe even a resolution upgrade too!
  15. So when I got my collection down from the loft during lockdown, I found to my initial delight, and then dismay, that I had a Quadra 700 (surely this is everyone’s favourite colour 68k mac?) Dismay because upon opening it up I found that I had previously removed the logic board and all components. God knows where they now are (apart from one 40MB SCSI hard disk). So what do I do with the case? Was thinking it might be fun to build up a hackintosh / dual boot gaming rig. Anyone done this?
  16. Thanks for that. I'm not sure if you ever got around to selling your collection but I'd love to buy the Studio Display if you still have it. Chers, Joel
  17. Hi Dirk, I keep coming back to this thread, this is such a cool setup. Where did you get the black riser piece that the PowerBook is sitting on? That’s a nice piece of design, I’m wondering if you bought it or made it? Cheers, Joel
  18. If anyone else thinks they know what the card is, please do shout!
  19. Looks like I will have to download and try all of them and see what works! Thanks for the link, that looks like a very comprehensive resource. Will report back. Joel
  20. Another vote for the Floppy EMU. Once you’ve read the manual it really does “just work” and it’s a beautifully designed and conceived bit of kit. Very happy with mine.
  21. Now that I have my SE booting again (yay!) I'd like to connect it to my Ethernet network. I have one of these: 2nd pic is the little daughter card that attaches to the back of the SE. Anyone know what it is and where I might find drivers for it? I'm running System 6.0.8. Cheers, Joel
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