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  1. Actually MacPPP does the inverse and allows TCP IP connection over existing serial ports. I need to connect to a serial device over TCP IP by the Ethernet port or whichever port is chosen in the TCP IP control panel. It is like a virtual serial port which is very useful. any ideas? thank you Hubertus
  2. No, thé devices use normal serial protocole. But I will try MacPPP to see if this can be tweaked. i will let you know. Thanks
  3. Hello i have serial devices (plotter, scientific) which are connected to a serial to Ethernet server from moxa. Does anybody know about a open transport extension to allow this kind of connection from the chooser? In Archicad I can directly choose TCP IP as the connection protocol for the serial plotter. But from other software I cannot choose the tcp ip protocol. Open transport gives me Other than the internal printer / modem port, infrared and internal modem for my PowerBook. Was there any software extension to allow what I want? thanks
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