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  1. Thank you mackie, I still see mia******'s listing and I'm very grateful to you for saving me a lot of annoyance.
  2. I wanted to report a successful boot of an LC III with SCSI2SD v6 2020c (with a few issues, see "Issues"). Here's how I did it. My host PC was a Surface Pro running Windows 10. My Mac is an LC III with 16MB RAM, a Floppy Emu, and an external AppleCD 600e. Update scsi2sd firmware Installed UsbDk_1.0.22_x64.msi Attached the scsi2sd to my PC and used zadig-2.5.exe to ensure that the UsbDk driver was being used for the device (this took a little figuring out) Then launched scsi2sd-util6 and triggered a firmware update to firmware.V6.202
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