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  1. Make sure you tape the hole if the disk is hd. also, i. The beginning i also had same issues like you, then I cleaned the heads of the floppy, and steadily the bad sector problem started to go away
  2. @erichelgeson The label on it says Sony, model: MPF820-E. I pulled it off of an old computer. do you get an error? Do you have problem reading or writing?
  3. It is the same command as 1.44MB disks. I think it reads the right format from the diskcopy header. The command is fluxengine write mac -i mac.diskcopy and relevant information can be found here http://cowlark.com/fluxengine/doc/disk-macintosh.html
  4. Sorry I meant a Mac floppy drive operating in an actual Mac!
  5. That's great. I hope you get good results. I found that the Mac drive is better at reading. E.g. when reading some disks with this setup I might get a few bad sectors, whereas the Mac drive can make an image just fine. But nevertheless it gives more choices which is great.
  6. Hello all, Do you believe it is ok to use a normal AA battery in the macintosh plus? I heard and verified that it works, even though the factory one is 4,5V. Do you think there is a downside, other that longevity? Thanks
  7. Sorry I should have mentioned it is dd for windows, and the command is executed without errors (it says 1024+0 records in/out which is as expected for a 1gb image). Maybe it is a bug of dd for windows.
  8. Hello all, I have been using scsi2sd and mini vmac and transferring images back and forth. I think I am doing something wrong with writing sd can using dd, because the mac will not boot. When I write the same image file to the same sd card with balena etcher, it works fine. Could you please tell me if you see something wrong with the following command? Thanks in advance dd if=image of=\\.\Volume{......} bs=1M
  9. I really can't understand why someone could go into all that trouble just to patch one or two bytes. Looking at the source code: https://www.bigmessowires.com/rom-adapter/plus-rom-listing.asm , it doesn't even seem to be executable code at that address. It looks more like a table of characters. I believe that the pcb: a) Was installed by the greek apple distributor, in order to fix some kind of greek bug or b) was installed as part of some anti-privacy mechanism for specialised software (kind of like an old school usb-dongle) Could it be that the m
  10. Actually that makes a lot of sense. The two differences add up to 0. (0x88+0x88-0x8E-0x82 = 0) So I guess the only thing left is to figure out what is special about rom offsets 0xfbc9, 0xfc3b
  11. Hello, I am uploading a 2nd dump, this time with the factory lo ROM in the factory slot. The good news is that the 2 exported files have indeed a different checksum, so I guess the mod does in fact work and perform some patching. Update 1 - There are two bytes changed in total, and both of them are in near vicinity. Look below 1st difference: 2nd difference: @PowerMac_G4 How does the checksum check succeed when the mod is in place? vMac-without-mod.rom
  12. What you mean is to try it with the mod removed? This is my current setup. The original LO rom chip is in the factory socket and the plus works normal. Also, doesn't the mac test the rom checksum during startup? If yes, why don't I get a sad mac icon? If it is of any use, the seller told me that the Plus was used at a betting company. (A large well known greek betting company). The two headers, go to pins 2 and 12 of the mystery ic. (1st pin being the one near the capacitor)
  13. Actually, the rom sizes are different. My export is exactly 128kb, however mac plus roms I find on the internet are a few kb longer. Wht?
  14. @cheesestraws , @johnklos I managed to export it. When doing a get-filehash, the exported one is different than the one I have in mini vmac. So i guess this confirms that some sort of rom patching is performed. Also, why would someone sand off the markings on the small IC... vMac-export.rom
  15. I read in another thread that macs sold in japan had an eeprom expansion to accommodate for fonts. Being that the computer was sold in greece, could it be that the distributor did the same with greek fonts? I do not care much about the card. The only reason I would dump it is if it could be isefull for someone else.
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