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  1. From my experience they have fairly bad issues with cap rot and also were from the Maxell battery era so a lot of them have had boards rendered unsalvagable, or at least beyond easy repair, at a time when they really were not worth saving... They were in buyback centers and hock shops, garage sales for small change or on dumpster piles everywhere a bit over 10 years ago. I've thrown out at least 3 that had badly rotted boards after stripping the PSU's and drives out of them. Unfortunately the one decent working one I had was victim to an exploded battery itself. Ah well... Hindsight is a bish.
  2. I find with my 9600 aside from the usual 9600 double boot quirk, when i has a crap or no PRAM battery, the front power button tends to be a little temperamental and require a few presses to get it to work. Power key will always start it though, and once it has been powered on with the power key i can do the on-off on thing with the button just fine. Only seems to be with a dead or missing battery that it does this.
  3. That said... it is great to hear of movement at the station again on the Clasilla front nonetheless.
  4. Makes sense for TFF to be given priority I guess as realistically G5-based machines are still perfectly viable daily grinders and fully capable of swallowing all the modern internet has to offer... the only thing that would stop them is software support. Most machines that can't comfortably run 10.4 and by default therefore can't run TFF (essentially G3 and slower G4 machines) realistically don't have the hardware capabilities to function as well on the modern internet... not to say that they are in any way useless, just that they are not quite as useful and therefore at a guess i would say no
  5. Yeh vx's are all a bit silly lol... Can be a little temperamental like 9600's and G5's. And thats a fair call... There is no real reason not to as long as the caps are in spec for the application. As far as rubicon caps go I havent read a whole lot of bad about them so they should last a while. I personally was just going to buy SMD's for originality... I thought about using tantalum items that will last forever but I instead decided that keeping em authentic was the direction of was taking. Well, except that i wont use the same rubbish caps Apple used in the 90's. lol
  6. Yep I would take the fact it has a new battery with a pinch of salt... basically it meant he spent a couple of bucks to make the ad look better. Not that I am actually denouncing the guy or implying he is being shifty at all, as that is not my intent. I just liken advertising a new PRAM battery when selling a vintage Mac to be like advertising a 6 year old Prius and mentioning in the ad that it still has a half a tank of petrol. Now as for Tadiran batteries, whilst Ive never seen one explode, they do seem to leak quite readily once they go flat... so whilst they wont explode in a superhea
  7. Welcome mate. I have a snow 600 I built from parts of about 5 different machines and a graphite 500 DV SE I took back to a bare chassis and CRT and rebuilt due to the internal plastics being splintered and demolished... Theyre definitely two of my favourite machines in the collection. They really are a timeless classic design, even if they are fairly fringe in their usefulness now. I have them set up currently side by side in my bedroom and the Snow gets used to crank tunes at night as the daily-driver G5 tower in the office needs it's own substation to run and leaving it on all night would p
  8. Also, you absolutely MUST open and bookmark this one on your old machine... http://home.mcom.com/home/welcome.html I took my Color Classic's web-virginity after 22 years with this particular page displayed in MacWebs. It is worth it... trust me.
  9. Also if you can access this from another newer machine to glean individual url's... http://www.404pagefound.com/ And this one... http://mentalfloss.com/article/53792/17-ancient-abandoned-websites-still-work I also had intentions to eventually build and host a very simplistic page that is sleek, small and browsable with full functionality in Mosaic 1.0 or Macwebs on a 9" monochrome machine as a resource tailored to old hardware and ancient software... Similar to the abovementioned Gryphel site. I drafted a layout but havent gotten any further due to other commitments unfortunately
  10. Definitely good advice on both accounts... Even if the AB caps havent yet failed, one day they will, and you don't want electrolyte spewed all over the surrounding area when a cap does rupture as you will have to clean everything to be sure prevent damage. As for the batteries, whilst the Maxell cells are by far the most nasty, and are really the only ones ive come across that explode violently, any other old or flat battery can degrade and leak too, and this is just as damaging as an exploded one if left long enough. Realistically even if the battery keeps time, you should still replace i
  11. Was there any particular reason for using radial caps instead of SMD's or was it simply a question of availability? In any case it is a nice clean job.
  12. I found a place that retails high-bass speakers for model railway applications that are dimensionally and aesthetically basically a match to the iMac G3 enclosures... I was meaning to order a set and try my luck but got sidetracked then my PC died and I couldnt remember the suppliers name so it is only recently i found them again. Will let you know how i go.
  13. Hmmmm I won't rule A/B issues out entirely, however the radials on the A/B tend to be a little sturdier than the crappy little cheap surfacemounts that Apple used on the logicboards. A lot of the time failing A/B cap issues will manifest themselves as video problems such as wiggles or waves, and/or electrical intereference, and they tend to fail a little more impressively and suddenly... usually with a nasty stank, unpleasant crackling and some scary smoke, and concurrent with a screen that suddenly goes bonkers and dims out. I'd be fairly confident in saying that the ones on the logic
  14. I beleive SCSI2SD is what the cool kids are using to get around this whole issue nowadays.
  15. Classic II's have terrible capacitors... Whilst there may not be corrosion on the board, they could still have leaked and the goo could be shorting contact pads. Whilst a cursory glance may show the board as looking good, a closer look may reveal leaked electrolyte which may show as stickiness or a dry waxy film. One way to temporarily get it going may be to scrub firmly all the IC legs and pads and other electronic contact points with a toothbrush and see if the board becomes functional again. This has revived a few of my boards temporarily... this being said, if it does, you almost certainly
  16. Mmmmmm given that it is a Prodrive ELS i would not get hopes up as far as resurrecting it. They are a rubbish piece of equipment all told. I have IBM drives of that era going strong after more than 20 years, whilst a large portion of my Quantum Prodrive units had already gone pearshaped a good 10 years ago.
  17. Inboxed you about bezel macman! Definitely an improvement over the lack of bezel I currently have hahah And yeh I really do enjoy using the CC... it is an absolute slug even by 68k standards, but it is small, functional and user friendly. I used to use my sisters one (which is my currently working one now) a lot just because something about using a 10" AIO functionally 10 years after it was made was just really.... nice.
  18. I don't find it at all a challenge to use OS9 for most tasks... as mentioned earlier in the thread, I use my (admittedly slightly tickled but still thoroughly obsolescent by 3 hardware generations) 9600 very regularly with 9.2 and a modest G3 upgrade. Realistically under 80% of situations it does anything I would expect of the G5 just somewhat slower... but even in saying that, it isnt a huge arrow to the knee given that the G5 has 6 times the 4-5 times the RAM, bus bandwidth and raw processing speed (not even accounting for the inherent improvements in actual architecture... Obviously the 9
  19. Cheers mate! Yeh the CC with the QT sticker was owned by my godmother since it was brand new... got handed down in the early 2000's with a bunch of things. Still have the warranty papers, manual and some software somewhere or another too The other CC that I restored was my sisters and was surplus from a high school... dad picked it up for about $30 in 2000 for my sister and I ended up with it after she outgrew it and I built her a 7500. Whilst I am back on this thread, it's worth mentioning that I cracked open the 9600 again last night and swapped some cards round and reinstalled the T
  20. Latest addition to my towers of power collection... a sad and lonely, long forgotten Sawtooth 400. Quick PMU reset and it runs like clockwork. I havent decided what to do with it just yet, I'm sure it will get put to some good use soon enough though.
  21. Also... having read your last post, Lombard or Wallstreet/PDQ still retain a SCSI port.
  22. If you want a solid System 7 capable laptop, the 1400/133c or 166c are very nice little units that are reliable and fairly fast... if you want something a bit more usable, I'd consider something OS compatible, which will still be able to interface with OS7 via a network. If the CC has ethernet, try and find a Powerbook G3 Lombard (which are fairly common) or a Pismo( a little less common but much better machines)... if you only have localtalk and sneakernet to play with, get a PDQ or Wallstreet, but for gods sake not the 12" model.
  23. Yep, open in electrical terms means open-circuit... essentially this means there is no electrical conductivity between point A and point B in a circuit indicating the circuit is broken due to a failed wire, trace, joint, or component, or in the case of a component such as a capacitor, the component no longer has electrical continuity (as it has failed) and may as well not exist. I find these results unsurprising but nonetheless fascinating to see put to paper.
  24. Never mind folks.. I hapened across an old thread that seems to confirm that the 200MP card will work fine
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